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Why is the fuel consumption of Haojue users so high (do Haojue users consume fuel)?

Scooters have always been a concern of many riders in China, attracting many people's love for their practicality and convenience of control. With the development of economic strength, domestic motorcycle brands have also appeared in many models. Today, we are going to talk about a sports scooter owned by Haojue, which is called $125.

In terms of price, the current official price of this car is 8980 yuan, and the rear trunk is attached, so the comprehensive performance is still quite practical. This time, I will take a real shot out of the box. Let's learn about this car!

The Haughty USR125, which is unpacked, has a positive red appearance. With the unique design of the front face, it looks like a mecha and has a very good sense of movement. Not only that, the paint of this car is also very full and looks very textured.

As for the instrument, a digital negative display instrument is used, and the design of functional information is relatively simple, but the commonly used functional displays are available, such as speed, mileage, temperature, residual flow and various display lights above the instrument, which can meet the daily needs.

As for the power part of this car, it is equipped with an ESS engine. In terms of data, the maximum power is 6.6kW/7500rpm and the maximum torque is 10N.m/5000rpm. The power performance is still relatively good, and it belongs to the upper-middle level among the same class models.

In terms of battery life, the fuel tank of Haojue USR125 is 6.5 liters, and the capacity is still relatively large. The fuel consumption of USR125 is also very economical, about 2 liters per 100 kilometers. Even if you travel long distances, there is not much problem within 200 kilometers.

In terms of safety configuration, the braking system of this car adopts the design of front disc and rear drum, which is the same as the mainstream scooter at this stage. However, the front disc brake of Haojue USR125 is matched with double-piston brake calipers, and the brake disc is a wave disc with good specifications.

Although the rear wheel brake is a drum brake, it is also very good in specifications, with a size of 130mm, which is larger than the general rear drum brake and has a good safety performance. Tyre size matched Zhengxin tire, with the front specification of 90/90-12 and the rear specification of 100/90-10.

Most people choose scooters, because of the convenience of driving, and because of its relatively good loading space. I feel that USR125 has a bucket with a capacity of 14.5L, which can be put into a medium and small full helmet, and the space is still very large. And it is also equipped with a tail box, so there is not much pressure on daily loading.

The front storage compartment has a USB charging port and a mobile phone storage box after opening. In addition, the height of the seat is only 740mm, and the driving difficulty is relatively low. Even girls with a height of 1.65 meters can easily control it.

On the whole, the Haujue USR125 car is quite good, especially after the drastic price reduction in the motorcycle market, the new official price of 8980 yuan also makes this car have a high cost performance.

Of course, in addition to the high-profile appearance, the configuration and power level of Haojue's scooter are also relatively good, which is very practical for daily commuting and can be satisfied when traveling far away.

Finally, do you have anything to say about this scooter USR125 owned by Haojue? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic riders!

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