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Haojue 250 Prince Cruise (the price of Haojue 250 Prince Cruise)

What kind of prince motorcycle can I buy for about 15,000 now? What are your recommendations?

According to the description, this cyclist wants to choose a Prince motorcycle, and the budget is set at around 15,000. So what models are worth recommending under this demand?

Although the budget under the current demand is not very high, there will still be several models that meet the requirements. After all, manufacturers are trying to lower the entry threshold of such models as much as possible, so that more riders can join the user group of Taizi cars, so there will be the following models to share.

The first Haojue TR150 is currently priced at 11180-11680.

At present, there are 21 models sold by TR150, and there will be two versions. The main difference between them is some details of design and sitting posture, and there is no difference in power and configuration.

TR150 is a veteran of Haojue Prince motorcycle. Its overall style will be more fashionable and younger, and there are certain sports elements, so the face value of this car is quite good in the same class of Haojue, at least it will be much more beautiful.

In terms of power, it will use a 150 ml single-cylinder air-cooled EFI engine. The book data of this engine is relatively general, with a maximum power of 8.3KW and a maximum torque of 11.4 Nm. Therefore, its performance is not radical, but it is completely sufficient for daily transportation.

The second Haojue GZS150 is currently priced at 13580.

This is a model just launched by Haojue this year. It belongs to an optimized and upgraded version, and the old GZ150E is still available for sale. The biggest difference between the two models is mainly reflected in the appearance, power and configuration.

Among them, GZS150 is younger and more fashionable than the old one. In addition, a brand-new ESR powertrain was installed, which improved its performance to some extent. This engine has a maximum power of 9.3KW and a maximum torque of 12.7 N m, and the book data is not bad in the same displacement model.

In terms of configuration, GZS150 mainly integrates LED headlights, front and rear disc brakes, and expands the volume of the side box, and also widens the size of the rear tire, so that its practicality and riding experience have been significantly improved.

The third Jinan Suzuki Cool Road 155 is currently priced at 14980.

This is the only 150-class Prince motorcycle among Japanese joint venture brands at present, and it is an imported model. Therefore, the design of this car will be completely different from that of the prince model in our conventional cognition. It is a bit too avant-garde and does not emphasize retro genes and rounded shapes.

In terms of power, this car will use a 155 cc single-cylinder air-cooled EFI engine. The performance balance of this engine is still ideal. Its maximum power is 10.4KW and the maximum torque is 14N·m, which will have certain advantages in power compared with the first two models. In addition, this car also comes standard with front-wheel single-channel ABS, so it can also be regarded as a bright spot.

The fourth Lifan K19 is currently priced at 13980.

Lifan actually has a K18, but this K19 is more worthy of consideration, because its appearance will be more in line with the current market demand, which not only embodies the cruising elements but also highlights certain sports genes, making the whole vehicle look more beautiful.

And its 150 cc single-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine is also an enhanced version. The maximum power can reach 13KW and the maximum torque will be set at 14.5N·m, which will make this car more powerful. In addition, it also comes standard with dual-channel ABS for front and rear disc brakes, which instantly improves its performance-to-price ratio and safety, and will also better reflect its competitiveness.

The fifth SEKERON RA2 is currently priced at 14980-15980.

This is a retro sports cruise prince car that integrates many elements, but in fact, when these elements are combined, the value of this RA2 is still very eye-catching, and it does not show nondescript performance, but it will also give people a strong visual impact and novelty.

In terms of power, it will be equipped with a 250 cc single-cylinder air-cooled EFI engine, so this car is the largest displacement model in the current budget. This engine has a maximum power of 14KW and a maximum torque of 18 N m. Although the power value is a little behind some high-energy 250cc engines, it is still in line with the current vehicle positioning.

On the configuration level, this car will be more abundant than the previous models. In addition to the dual-channel ABS, it also has a belt version, and the factory also provides a lot of original modified parts, so there will be more room for users to play freely.

The above five models are a recommendation under the current budget, from which we can see that they have their own characteristics, some are cost-effective, some are good in appearance, and some are more reliable in quality, so they can be chosen according to personal preference and specific budget.

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