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How about Xerox rx400 (evaluation of Xerox rx400)

With the upsurge of motorcycle riding in the whole country, many motorcycle riders ride Tibet and Xinjiang to visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland every year. As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools first. Long-distance motorcycle riding is naturally the most suitable vehicle for leisure travel. The comfortable riding triangle, abundant power, good passability and delicate control are deeply loved by motorcycle riders. If you are not superstitious about importing big trade, and your budget is limited, then the domestic leisure motorcycle, SEKELON RX401, is worth considering. I was lucky enough to attend a test drive meeting held by SEKELON in Shaanxi some time ago, and experienced a 2022 RX401, because the car I am riding now is the X-corner 650 of motorcycle Morini, and I have a little experience and knowledge of adverbs, so I will talk to you about RX401.

First of all, in terms of price, the official retail price of RX401 is 29,980 yuan and 31,980 yuan. There is no pressure to start with, and the price is full, and the original car has three boxes of cards, which eliminates the trouble of being checked by the car.

Friends who are familiar with Seclon know that RX series is also the pioneer of domestic recreational motorcycles. It evolved from RX3 in 2013 to RX401 now. In the past ten years, RX series has been continuously improved with the development of science and technology. Now RX401 presented to you has distinctive features, tough appearance and unique recognition.

The sitting height of 815mm is matched with the narrowing design of the front end of the cushion. For me who is 178cm, my feet are completely on the ground without pressure. If possible, it is recommended to start the Zhizun version in one step, with functions such as tire pressure monitoring and OTA remote upgrade, which is very practical in daily riding and long-distance motorcycle travel.

I believe you have also noticed the duckbill on the front of RX401, which is not only for decoration, but to increase the downforce. At the speed of 100km/h+, the duckbill can exert the downforce of 23.5kg, making high-speed cycling more stable.

The air intake ducts on both sides of the front of the car also adopt aerodynamic design, which can also reduce the influence of wind resistance when riding, and the airflow can also cool the rider and the engine, which is both beautiful and practical.

The headlights designed for the front face of Tiger Ben adopt a full LED light group, which has a large illumination area and high brightness. With the LED daytime running lights, the sense of science and technology of the whole front face is still in place, and the recognition is also very high.

RX401 is not only tough in appearance, but also equipped with external spoke wheels with the front 19 inches and the back 17 inches in order to cope with various bad road conditions during long-distance motorcycle trips. The all-terrain vacuum tire provided by Tensen brings a ground clearance of 190mm, and with the inverted front shock absorption and rebound, it has 21-step damping adjustable, the middle rear shock absorption spring can be preloaded and the rebound damping can be adjusted by 15 steps. Therefore, when crossing the speed bump and some potholes, you just need to cross directly, with soft and moderate rebound and very good directivity. Of course, you can also adjust the damping stroke according to your riding habits and road conditions to make the riding experience more comfortable.

The high-level exhaust, which started from the previous generation RX3S, has also become a feature of RX series models. RX401 has also been preserved and continued, and when riding outdoors, it is also very passable in the face of wading sections. The adjustable windshield with a 20.5L super-large fuel tank can bring a maximum battery life of 450Km. With the loading capacity of three boxes, you only need to concentrate on cycling for long-distance motorcycle trips, and the rest can be handed over to RX401.

The RX401 is equipped with TC401 water-cooled asynchronous two-cylinder 8-valve engine, which can provide up to 45 horsepower, 33kw/9500rpm and 37Nm/8000rpm. The standard sliding clutch also enhances the overall operation pleasure. The frame structure is woven with steel pipes made of manganese steel welded by robots, so the strength of the whole vehicle is still guaranteed. The official claims that the limit speed can reach 160Km, and it is not too much to say that it is a small steel gun for leisure.

Front facing four-piston caliper+double floating disc brake, rear double-piston caliper+wave disc, equipped with dual-channel ABS as standard, can be closed with one button, which also improves the playability of RX401. If you have excellent skills, you can also be competent as a tire skater.

Because of the limited space of RX401, I mainly test drive on paved roads and surrounding gravel roads, and did not go to particularly bad sections for test drive. When driving on paved roads, Tengsen tires are more focused on linear stability, and the voice of turning is a little rough because of the high center of gravity of the car body, which is of course inseparable from my first driving not fully grasping its performance.

In addition, when changing direction, the grip performance of this set of tires is acceptable, but the front suspension setting is a little soft, and I feel a little slippery when changing direction quickly, so I dare not ride too hard. However, when riding on the gravel road next to you, you can feel that the body is relatively stable and give you enough confidence. Generally speaking, the performance of driving at a high speed on unpaved roads is better than that on paved roads. Of course, if you like to toss, you will get a set of off-road tires with better grip, and the playability will be higher.

It is not difficult to see from the above picture that the riding triangle of Seclon RX401 is very natural, and there is no deviation in my hands when riding. With FCC sliding clutch, it feels comfortable, the shift stroke is moderate, even if there is no clutch shift, there is no astringency, the gear position is clear and the neutral position is very easy to find.

However, in terms of braking, I think it still needs to be improved. First of all, the grip of this set of tires can only be said to be acceptable, and the braking with two fingers is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to control the car with four fingers as much as possible in an emergency. The braking force in the front section is weak, and the braking force in the middle and rear sections begins to come. Therefore, RX401 also needs you to find out its temper after a long ride. If your skills are limited, don't try it without changing a set of tires with stronger grip.

As a domestic mid-platoon adventure recreational vehicle, the Sykelon RX401 is still sincere in general. Although the brakes and tires are average, it can be made up by technology or later replacement of better accessories. Among the 400-displacement recreational vehicles, Excelle 400X, Lifan KPT400, Honda CB400X and Secco RX401 are available, among which Honda is the most expensive, and the top of Secco RX401 is equipped with three boxes, which is less than 32,000 yuan. With the quality of Secco, it integrates the elements of ADV and recreational vehicles, and the medium-sized friends are also more powerful to ride. If you like recreational vehicles and the budget is limited, then Secco RX401 is more powerful.

What do you think of Seclon RX401? Welcome to leave your wonderful opinions!

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