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How to choose Secco RXS and Excelle 400 times (which is better, Secco RXS or Excelle 400 times)

In 2019, the adverb models in the motorcycle industry are still hot, and more and more domestic brands have begun to focus on the investment in adverb models. The increasing number of domestic adverb models has led to fierce competition in small and medium-sized displacement models, but this is what our riders like. The competition of car manufacturers will only bring better products, and the benefits brought by healthy competition to the market are also enormous.

Secolone prescription (abbreviation of prescription) series

When we mention adverb models in motorcycles, we have to mention the online celebrity brand "Excelle", which has been very popular in recent two years. In fact, at first glance, we thought that Excelle from Buick had intervened in motorcycles, but in fact, Excelle was made by Everest motorcycles. Excelle's first model, 500 times, went on the market last year. Before it went on the market, it caused a lot of controversy on the Internet. Later, it opened up a good market range. While winning a good reputation, there were also many doubts. A brand-new brand model will inevitably have some minor problems, and the official recall later fully showed that the manufacturer is still very responsible.

Excelle 500 times

So strike while the iron is hot. After the market test of Excelle 500 times for half a year, on April 10th this year, Excelle released a brand-new model Excelle 400 times on Guanwei, with a price of 29,800 yuan. It is also a highly anticipated adverb model, which further lowered the price and improved the cost performance. Excelle 400 times adopts the same design style elements as Big Brother 500 times, and its appearance design is very beautiful and German-style, with all the characteristics of adverb models, such as long beak, large windshield, high ground clearance, long shock-absorbing stroke, etc., and it is very sincere to come standard with three boxes, abdominal muscles and original fender.

Excelle 400X

The difference between Excelle 400X and Big Brother 500X is that this 400X model uses Zongshen's engine, which is the same as that on Zongshen Seclon RX3S. However, this also led to the 400X once listed, it had to face a powerful opponent Zongshen Seclon RX3S. Seclon RX3S has been listed as early as 2017, and it seems to be a veteran of the market. Seclon is an early model series involved in rally motorcycles in China, and its strength should not be underestimated.


Excelle, which has a good attention in today's rally car market, faced with Zongshen Kelon RX3S, which is also sold at a price of 29,800 yuan, what is the chance of winning the new generation of Excelle 400X, and what are the two models with the same engine? Let's make a simple comparison!


RX3S: The wild school is more in line with the wild style of the rickshaw, with higher side row position and better wading performance. Two seat heights can be selected for knights of various heights.

400X: Urbanism is more inclined to the fashion style of urban tension, and it is more like the famous GS series in appearance. If you change the standard, it will burst!

Top: RX3S- bottom: 400X


RX3S: The whole car uses LED light source, and the design of headlights is more inclined to BMW's big and small eyes, and the low beam has a lens.

400X: The whole car uses LED light source, and the design of headlights is more fashionable, which has the feeling of Transformers and technology.

Left: RX3S- right: 400X


RX3S: A combined instrument with mechanical and small-area liquid crystal, with clear functional distinction but too complicated and conservative design.

400X: The combined instrument with mechanical and small-area liquid crystal is also adopted, which is stylish and has various functions at a glance, which is more in line with the current design style.

Left: RX3S- right: 400X


Both cars are the same engine, with water-cooled two-cylinder EFI, the maximum power is 27KW, the maximum torque is 35NM, and the maximum explosion speed is the same. Maybe the data given by the manufacturers are slightly different, and then there is a slight difference in the engine appearance, with different LOGO, which are the same in other places.

Top: RX3S- bottom: 400X

Performance parameters:



At present, there are only two rally models at the level of domestic 400cc displacement, plus the same price, the same engine and training, and the same design style, which really makes people unable to choose. However, as a latecomer, Excelle 400X has more aluminum alloy rear rocker arm and ABS that can be closed independently, which has a little more advantages. However, Zongshen has a more perfect after-sales system in stores all over the country. If it is you, how should you choose? Please leave a message to discuss!


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