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Recently, after Hubei released the government-enterprise joint subsidy, more and more fuel vehicles joined the ranks of price reduction, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

On March 9, the screenshot of the online transmission showed that a BMW 4S shop in Fujian launched a car purchase activity, and the prices of various models were more than 60,000 yuan lower than the manufacturer's guide price, of which the X1 model was 100,000 yuan lower, and the activity time was from March 11 to March 12.

In this regard, the staff of the 4S shop told Yinshi Finance.

The price of bare car is really so much discount, but some configuration is needed to pick up the car. Finally, the landing price of X1 is about 210,000 yuan.

In addition, Yinshi Finance learned that,

The price reduction is mainly for the models produced by joint ventures, but there are not many discounts for imported models such as BMW 4 Series.

However, the activity is limited to the above-mentioned dealers. A salesperson of a 4S store in Hangzhou said that there are also activities in the store, and the same X1 landing price is about 250,000 yuan.

In addition to BMW, Mercedes-Benz recently launched a price reduction promotion in Beijing.

A number of local 4S stores said that at present, the mercedes benz c class discount is 60,000, and the Mercedes-Benz E class discount is 50,000, but car buyers are required to obtain a Beijing license. FAW Audi has joined the subsidy activity launched by China FAW in Jilin Province. It is reported that this subsidy covers all China brand and overseas brand passenger cars and light trucks owned by China FAW, with a total subsidy of 150 million yuan and a maximum bicycle subsidy of 37,000 yuan.

Zhang Xiang, dean of the New Energy Automobile Technology Research Institute of Jiangxi New Energy Technology Vocational College, told Yinshi Finance.

There are many subsidy policies in 2022, which overdraw the consumption power in 2023, and the first quarter is originally the off-season for car sales. In addition, there are many brands and overcapacity at this stage, and car companies are generally facing fierce market competition.

In the event of a cliff-like decline in sales, the production system may break, affecting production lines, supply chains, employees and other links. Therefore, car companies need to boost sales by reducing prices and constantly maintain a "presence" in the market.

At the same time,

The price reduction of joint venture car companies also confirms the rise of independent brands.

According to the data of the Federation, in February, the retail sales of independent brands reached 710,000 units, up 29% year-on-year and 12% quarter-on-quarter. In February 2023, the domestic retail share of independent brands was 51.1%, an increase of 7 percentage points year-on-year; In February, the mainstream joint venture brands retailed 480,000 vehicles, down 12% year-on-year and up 2% quarter-on-quarter. In February, the retail share of German brands was 20.6%, up 0.2 percentage points year-on-year, while that of Japanese brands was 17.6%, down 5.4 percentage points year-on-year. The retail share of American brands reached 7.5%, down 1.6 percentage points year-on-year.

However, in the field of high-end models, BBA is still in the leading position.

In February 2023, only Weilai ET5 and Hongqi H9 entered the top ten in the sales list of high-end cars, and only ideal L9 and L8 entered the top ten in the list of high-end SUVs. The top three in both lists are BBA models.

However, Zhang Xiang believes that "

The capacity of the market is certain, and when the sales of new forces continue to break through, BBA is bound to feel the pressure, so it is necessary to reduce prices in the near future.

. "

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