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BMW Brilliance x3 domestic price pure electric (BMW Brilliance x3 pure electric vehicle)

IX3 is the first pure electric SUV under BMW brand. The new car will be put into production at BMW Brilliance Shenyang Dadong Factory next year, with an annual production capacity of 40,000 vehicles, which will be exported to overseas markets in addition to domestic supply. Recently, a group of road test spy photos of BMW iX3 in China were obtained in the online auto market. The cruising range of the new car is more than 400 kilometers. Considering the higher price of electric vehicles and the pricing of competing products, it is estimated that the starting price of BMW iX3 will be around 550,000 yuan, and it will compete with Mercedes-Benz EQC, Audi Electron Tube, Weilai ES8 and other models in the future.

BMW iX3 is based on X3 fuel, and its overall shape is different from other models in our family. It is mediocre. The front face of IX3 is equipped with a closed kidney grille, with LED headlights on both sides, and the front bumper has been redesigned. The new car charging socket is expected to be set on the right rear side of the vehicle, and the multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels are selected below. The three-dimensional light-emitting diode lamp group is still used at the rear of the car, the bumper shape is changed, and the exhaust is cancelled.

As an oil-to-electric vehicle, the overall size of BMW iX3 is not expected to change significantly. In terms of power and battery life, iX3 is equipped with the fifth-generation electric drive system, with the maximum power exceeding 200 kW. The battery capacity of the new car is over 70 kWh, and the cruising range of NEDC is over 400 km. It takes only 30 minutes to complete a charge in the fast charging mode of 150 kW.

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