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Seven-seat Toyota Sea Lion Commercial Vehicle Price and Pictures (2022 Toyota Sea Lion Seven-seat house of lords Commercial Vehicle Price)

Introduction: Toyota Granvia is here, and the details are quite exquisite. The 7-seat +V6 engine is more grounded.

Toyota Granvia is a high-end large MPV. The shape design of the car is simple and elegant, and the lines are smooth. Through many details, it shows noble quality and domineering. The front of the car adopts Toyota's unique family-style design, and the headlights are sharp in shape, with daytime running lights, which is more contemporary. Chrome-plated decorative strips on both sides create a calm momentum, and at the same time increase the quality of the whole vehicle.

The body lines behind the front of the car are smooth and the lines change naturally, which complements the appearance design of the whole car. The side design is also exquisite and delicate. Because Granvia's car has a length of 5,300 mm and a more spacious interior space, it adopts a very high roof design, which increases the comfort and spaciousness of the interior space. In addition, the design of the rear combination lamp is very special, with gold trim for literature and luxury.

The space in the car is spacious and comfortable, with very high ride comfort. Granvia can take up to seven people, and it also provides very rich storage space, so passengers can carry a lot of luggage with them. Toyota's latest T-NGA frame is used, which can provide excellent mute performance and better vehicle stability, and also ensure the driver's driving comfort.

It is worth mentioning that Granvia is equipped with a V6 3.5-liter engine, which can output 272 horsepower and 340 Nm of maximum torque. The perfect combination of the engine and the 10-speed automatic transmission not only ensures smooth gear shifting, but also gives full play to the performance of the engine.

In terms of configuration, Granvia provides a very complete configuration. For example, full LCD instrument panel, large-size central control panel, adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, automatic parking, etc. These configurations enhance Granvia's sense of luxury and technology.

Generally speaking, Toyota Granvia is a luxury, comfortable and practical vehicle. It has performed very well in car appearance design, interior space design and power performance, and it is a very worthy multi-purpose vehicle.

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