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Haojue 125t-23 motorcycle price list (Haojue 125t-25 quotation)

125 Prince motorcycle inventory, Haojue has three models, and the sixth model is equipped with water-cooled V2 engine.

I am a knight to share. In this issue, we will turn around, but it will be a little different from the previous issues. This time, it is an entry-level 125ml Prince motorcycle, and they will have their own characteristics, especially the last one will be the ceiling.

The first Haojue 125-8 is currently priced at about 6500 yuan.

Haojue 125-8 is not a single model but a series model. There are six versions of this car available in official website, but the difference between them is not as complicated as we thought. Simply speaking, it is the difference in color matching and detail design.

This series is characterized by a simple and durable appearance, a slightly retro element will be adopted, and the structure of the whole vehicle will be relatively compact.

In terms of power, they will be equipped with a 125ml single-cylinder air-cooled ejector pin engine, which has an actual displacement of 124cc, a maximum power of 7.4KW and a maximum torque of 9.2N meters, and is matched with a five-speed circulating gearbox.

The second Haojue GN125 is currently priced at around 7500 yuan.

This car is actually a series of models, and its popularity is the highest among the 125 Prince cars at present. Besides its classic appearance, it is solid and durable, and the running quality of the whole machine will be slightly better than that of the 125-8.

Because this car uses a Gini engine with Suzuki technology, and its valve train is chain driven, the vibration and noise will be much lower. Its performance is also good, with a maximum power of 7.8 kW and a maximum torque of 9.2N meters. It will adopt a five-speed reciprocating gearbox.

The third Haojue Baoyi 125 is currently priced at around 7,000 yuan.

This is a model with outstanding value in the 125 Prince car within 10,000 yuan, because it draws on the styles of the other two models and incorporates some fashion elements, which makes it look more like a modern model.

In terms of power, this Baoyi 125 will use GN125 powertrain on the same platform. Its actual displacement is 124cc, the maximum power is 7.8KW, and the maximum torque is 9.2N·m, so the actual performance is also ideal.

The fourth Wuyang Honda Lingyu 125 is currently priced at 7380 yuan.

In fact, this car has not appeared for a long time, which can be regarded as the new model of the above models, and its retro attributes will be more prominent. After all, the fuel tank of this car will be more plump and it will also be integrated with the caterpillar seat, so it is also more pleasing in perception.

In terms of power, Lingyu 125 will use the same engine as CG125. Its actual displacement is 124cc, the maximum power is 7.3KW and the maximum torque is 9.5N·m, which will have good low torque and stability.

The fifth Sundiro Honda CBF125T is currently priced at 7580 yuan.

This car can also be regarded as a new model, except that it is a revised model, the original version is Ruimeng 125, but this car has no original face value performance after being modified, which makes its own bright spot not prominent, but only maintains the original low fuel consumption characteristics.

The CBF125T will be equipped with a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled EFI engine with only four gears. Its actual displacement is 124.8cc, the maximum power is 6.3KW, and the maximum torque is 9.26 N m. Although the power data is not eye-catching, the speed increase is good, and the fuel consumption can be maintained at around 1.8L.

The sixth version of Xiaosheng GV125S is currently priced at 21,980 yuan.

The price of this car is the most expensive among them, even exceeding the level of some 250cc models, but it is also the highest in the 125cc Crown Prince car.

Because this car not only has a family appearance, but also will be equipped with a 125cc V-type double-cylinder water-cooled EFI engine, which is quite powerful. The engine it carries has an actual displacement of 125cc, a maximum power of 10.3KW and a maximum torque of 10.2 N m..

Power adjustment will tend to be high-speed, and the maximum power can reach 10,000 rpm, so the speed increase is also quite good. Combined with the highly recognizable appearance of this car and the body that tends to control performance, it will easily become a ceiling with the same displacement, but its current price is destined to become a niche model.

The above is a brief inventory of 125cc Prince motorcycles, from which we can see that Haojue has three models, while other brands have no advantage in quantity, but GV125S will be more standard from the standard of Prince motorcycles. So which one do you prefer in front of the screen?

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