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What is the fuel consumption of Benagli 502c (how much is the fuel consumption of Benagli 502c)?

If you put Benagli 502C in front of your eyes, you will immediately associate it with the Ducati Devil, because both of them are very similar in shape, charm and posture, which is also the biggest selling point of the muscle cruise car, so it is also dubbed as "domestic little devil".

Because of the similarity, the 502C also adopts a modern and muscular appearance style, but it is slightly different from the American cruise car in style, and the engine is also very different.

Benagli 502C can be divided into high and low parts. Except for the price, the configuration is slightly different, but the engine is the same.

Benagli 502C is equipped with a 500ml engine with two parallel cylinders and four-stroke water cooling. The maximum horsepower is 47.6 horsepower, the maximum power is 35kW at 8500rpm, and the maximum torque is 45nm at 5000rpm. DOHC has four valves per cylinder, the cylinder diameter stroke ratio is 69×66.8, the compression ratio is 11.5:1, and the fuel number is 95. It adopts international six-gear, wet multi-disc clutch.

In terms of configuration, the LED light source and the front and rear anti-lock braking system are indispensable for the whole vehicle. Although the TFT liquid crystal instrument is small in size, it has comprehensive information and clear display, and has a double throttle cable. It adopts a steel tube to mark the frame and is finally equipped with an aluminum alloy rear rocker arm, a forward facing four-piston caliper+a 280mm floating double-disc brake disc, a rear single caliper+a 240mm fixed single-disc brake disc, an inverted front fork, a rear bottom central shock absorption, and a front 120 and a rear 160. The wheel hub is cast aluminum wheel hub.

The modern cruising appearance of the 502C is precisely its biggest selling point, but the front face shape is somewhat unsatisfactory, and the whole vehicle still needs to make great strides in workmanship. Fortunately, the appearance full of muscle lines has also been favored by many riders. Coupled with the good configuration and low price, it exists in the shopping cart of modern cruise car enthusiasts and cannot be deleted for a long time.

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