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How many kilograms of pickup trucks are required for Jiangling Classic cars (how many tons can Jiangling Classic pickup trucks pull)

At present, domestic pickup products emerge in an endless stream, including economical commercial products, IKEA products and passenger products, especially the length of the container determines the use and identity of the vehicle most of the time. So, according to the sales volume of pickup terminals in the first 10 months of this year, has the consumer's preference for the length of the container changed?

In fact, in a rough summary, the products currently on the market are mainly divided into three categories, namely, short container models with a container length of 1050-1670 mm, long container models with a container length of 1680-1840 mm and ultra-long container models with a container length of 1850-3000 mm. Of course, there will be some relatively special products, such as Beijing F40 with a container length of only 1050 mm, and although the container reaches 1050 mm.

From the specific data, long container models are still the most popular in the market at present, with the market share of sales in the first 10 months reaching nearly 58% and short container models reaching 37.6%. Under the background of market downturn, the market share of long container models and short container models is increasing in October or the first 10 months, but the market share of long container models is declining. Of course, this is in line with the general technical conditions for multi-purpose trucks implemented this year. It is clearly stipulated that the internal length of the container should not exceed 35% of the length of the vehicle and not more than 1850 mm. Once it does not meet the "pickup truck standard", the current national pickup truck lifting policy cannot be enjoyed.

Sales volume of 1050—1670mm short container model TOP3

Among the short container models that are suitable for IKEA or passenger use, the three best-selling models are Jiangling Baodian, Great Wall Cannon and Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai, among which the main selling model of Jiangling Baodian is the model with a container length of 1475 mm. The container length of the Great Wall Gun is 1520mm, including three kinds of pickup trucks, off-road pickup trucks and commercial pickup trucks. Among them, the pickup truck has the highest sales volume, so it can be seen that among the short container models, the more passenger guns are more popular. In addition, the container length of Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai is 1480mm, which is also a popular model in short containers.

Sales volume of 1680—1840mm long container model TOP3

Among the long container models mainly for commercial use, the Great Wall Gun commercial pickup truck, Fengjun 5 and King Kong Gun have become the most popular models at this level, and within the range of this container length, most consumers take practicality, economy and durability as the main considerations, which shows the outstanding influence of the Great Wall pickup truck in the commercial field. Among them, the main sales vehicles of Fengjun 5 are 1680mm and 1820mm in container length, the container length of Great Wall commercial gun is 1760mm, and the container length of King Kong gun is 1820 mm.

Sales volume of 1850—3000mm super-long container model TOP3

In the super-long container that does not meet the pickup standard, the TOP3 sales are Wuling Zhengtu, Changan Kaicheng F70 and ZTE Weihu. The container length of Wuling Zhengtu is 2000mm, that of ZTE Weihu is 1895mm, and that of Chang 'an Kaicheng F70 is 1850 mm.. Except that Wuling Zhengtu is a gasoline model, ZTE Weihu mainly sells 2.8T diesel and Changan Kaicheng F70 mainly sells VM2.5T diesel.

To sum up, at present, domestic consumers still love the long-container pickup truck model of Yishang IKEA, and the model with the container length of 1680—1840mm is the most popular. On the one hand, the container is too short and limited in carrying capacity, while it is too long to enjoy the convenience of travel because of the "pickup truck standard", and the model within this range can not only ensure sufficient loading capacity, but also commute to the suburbs without worry, so if you are also a consumer who drives a pickup truck to make a fortune, choose this cargo.

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