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Did Saab go bankrupt (is Saab sold in China)

What do you think of when you talk about Northern Europe or Sweden? I think IKEA will bear the brunt, followed by Volvo. Do you remember Saab? Why do we still say that this car company has been closed for seven years? Some people's love can't last for seven years, let alone a car brand that has left us for seven years?

Many people must have heard the advertising slogan "People and cars are one, flying close to the ground". I am glad that Saab came to China at the end of its life, which made people experience the pleasure of Saab and cultivated a small number of its fans in China. Nowadays, when people hear that "people and cars are integrated", they think more of BMW. I don't know that this sentence was first put forward by Saab, and "flying close to the ground" originated from Saab's main business-aircraft manufacturing. The end of World War II reduced the demand for aircraft and made Saab come into contact with cars.

Because of no previous experience in building cars, Saab's first car only considered the streamline design, and all the front wheels were wrapped in the body. Although this looks very sci-fi, in the winter in northern Europe, heavy snow will be embedded between the front wheel and the body, which will make the vehicle unable to turn.

There are many unique but immature designs like this in Saab cars since then, such as this car without steering wheel. Instead, it was inspired by the joystick of the plane, which is easy to imagine.

For example, there is a "night attack" mode on Saab's car. After pressing the button, all the lights on the car will go out except the middle dashboard, so that you can concentrate on driving.

But the most noteworthy thing about Saab is its car advertisement, in which you can always see Saab's cars and planes appear together at the same time. Saab reminds us all the time that we are an aircraft company, and even after it was acquired by GM, it still maintains this style.

Some people say that Saab's history has always been full of terrible mistakes, but its persistence in "flying" has also left valuable wealth for the automobile industry. Saab took the lead in bringing turbocharging to the car, making the turbine synonymous with the high-end of that era. Everyone can't wait to add the word turbine in front of everything, just like artificial intelligence now.

In addition to the turbocharged engine, Saab has another place worthy of praise, and that is safety. Now when it comes to safety, everyone will think of its Swedish brother Volvo. However, in this respect, Saab has gone even further. It is the only automobile manufacturer in the world that all its models have won five-star safety in Europe. Some people even say that you will only find Saab's good when you have a car accident. At the same time, the survey found that the owner of Saab is the most knowledgeable and educated among all car brands.

Perhaps it was because Saab was too conscientious to build a car that it sold one and lost another, and finally it was reduced to the end of being acquired by GM. At the same time, its Swedish brother Volvo was acquired by another American car company, Ford. In fact, their life in the United States is not so good, but after the financial crisis, Volvo's life was slightly better and it met Geely's good family. Saab, on the other hand, was not so lucky. It was torn apart, so where can we find Saab now?

First of all, most of its legacy has been inherited by NEVS, the Swedish company of Guoneng Electric Vehicles. Their relationship is like that between Nokia and HMD now, and behind this company is a Chinese-Jiang Dalong. Its company is mainly engaged in biomass power generation, so just like the name of the company, you may never feel the charm of Saab Turbine again, because its cars will all be new energy.

Although NEVS can use Saab's name, it can't use Saab's Logo, just like Ford sold Rover to SAIC but still kept Rover's Logo. Now Saab's Gryphon Logo is still in the hands of Saab Defence Group, and only it and Scania can use it.

In addition to the separation of logo and name, the chassis and powertrain of Saab's last two cars, 9-3 and 9-5, were acquired by BAIC, and on this basis, it created today's Sic Bo, and the word Sic Bo was originally the name of Saab in Hong Kong.

A large part of the reason behind Saab's collapse is that GM itself was hard to protect in the financial crisis, but Saab actually had countless opportunities to save itself, but it insisted on itself. You can say that Saab doesn't understand the market, but isn't it the original intention of a responsible car company to build a good car? Now Saab is long gone. Now it is like a tortoise in Zhuangzi's works, and its story has been passed down from mouth to mouth, but for Saab himself, it is "would rather die than leave a bone?" Or "would it be better to be born and drag your tail in the paint?" Although I once shouted to Saab that "sometimes being alive is more important than anything" when I was writing a BMW, what's the point if live high can't insist?

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