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What is the landing price of Seclon rc401 (Seclon rc 3)?

On February 16th, witnessed by hundreds of dealers, supporting representatives and industry media from all over the country, the global launch conference of Zhisheng 2023 Zongshen Kelon new products was held in Chongqing headquarters.

Zuo Zongshen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zongshen Industry Group, Hu Xianyuan, Executive President of Zongshen Industry Group, Gang Liu, General Manager of Zongshen Locomotive, Zuo Yong, General Manager of Zongshen Locomotive Domestic Sales, and other group leaders attended the meeting.

Speech by Mr. Zuo Zongshen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zongshen Industry Group.

First, the 150-class luxury city pedal Sai Kelon RT1 starts at 15,580 yuan.

As a new member of the Seclon wireless telegraph family, RT1 directly fills the configuration, which is the sincerity of the factory on the one hand, and a late-comer to the opponent on the other.

In terms of appearance, RT1 continues the appearance elements of urban pedals in wireless telegraph series. The overall appearance of the vehicle is tough, the lines are sharp, and it looks very advanced. Compared with the generally round style on the market, RT1 has high recognition.

In terms of configuration, there are front and rear disc brakes, dual-channel anti-lock braking system, traction control system, keyless start, TFT LCD screen, driving recorder, tire pressure monitoring, side bracket flameout protection device and so on.

It is equipped with Zongshen high-performance XQ150 side-mounted water-cooled four-valve engine, which incorporates European piaggio technology. The maximum power reaches 11.5kw and the torque is 14.5 nm. It also has the functions of idle start and stop and silent start. Whether it is body configuration or engine technical performance, RT1 is the first-class level of this level, combining face value and strength.

Second, the high-performance retro cruise Kelon RA250, priced at 17,580 yuan.

Before RA250, Seclon had already had a 250-class cruise car RA2 in the product matrix, and provided multiple versions, and the market reputation was also very good. Now RA250 can be regarded as a "high-performance version" of RA2, with a more powerful power platform.

Continuing the style of American retro cruise, a 250-class race-class water-cooled four-valve engine was added, with a maximum power of 20.5kw and a torque of 22N.m, pushing a lightweight body of 163 kg, which not only kept the attitude of American cruise car, but also met the high demand of advanced users for power.

Third, the middleweight imitation Sai Kelon RC401 track version, priced at 31,980 yuan.

As one of the hottest middleweight imitations in 2022, RC401 took the lead with its high original appearance, high configuration and super high cost performance, and now it has ushered in a stronger track version.

Dress up with a cool single rocker arm, which adds extra points to your handsomeness, and at the same time, you can speed up the tire change when driving competitively. In view of track competition, we have also added a stronger West Mutual Brake System, a KYB with sports setting, an adjustable shock absorption system, a competitive handlebar and a tire pressure monitoring system. In addition, a one-way electronic quick exhaust system has been added, which is the first of its kind in China.

The RC401, which is basically a fully equipped track version, has obvious purposes; It is to better meet the needs of competitive users and enhance competitiveness in a stronger state.

At the meeting, in addition to releasing the above three new cars of Seclon, Zongshen also made an appearance at YEMI Yemi, yomi and other trendy locomotives.

The first is the highly anticipated cross-border retro curved beam-Yemi Yemi Wild Rice, which is based on the explosive retro curved beam YAMI to create a hunting style appearance, incorporating rich off-road elements such as high exhaust, all-terrain tires, long-stroke shock absorption and steel spoke wheels.

Then there is the Mini retro cruise model-yomi, code-named 125EC, which has a variety of elements, both cute and smart Mini models and comfortable cruise control. It perfectly integrates retro elements with the trend of science and technology, and has a streamlined body, exquisite decoration and great personality.

Equipped with a 125mL single-cylinder air-cooled engine, the straddle-type vehicle innovatively adopts stepless speed change, which makes it have a simpler control mode, with a seat height of only 650mm and a curb weight of 110kg.

Another version is the exclusive version of Lindao Off-road Desert Flying Fox 250X. Compared with the standard version, the exclusive version of 250X has little change in performance parameters and appearance. There are four main upgrade points: shock absorption before inversion; Upgrade the upper and lower connecting plates; The handle is thick and variable in diameter to further enhance the strength; The chain guide is added, which greatly improves the handling and off-road ability of the car.

In addition, there is the RX560S, a brand-new model of Sekelon 560 platform, which is a hard-core style long-distance pulling car with full and tough appearance and off-road elements such as steel spoke wheels, multifunctional tires and engine guards. It is reported that the car will be released in the second half of 2023.

The RX250, a brand-new 250-class rally car, is the first exposure. It is the same engine as the RA250 above. Its shape is somewhat different from the previous products of Seclon. The body lines are relatively simple, and there are off-road elements such as steel spoke wheels.

According to the scene, Zongshen will also launch heavy-duty models such as double-cylinder pedal, 500 four-cylinder, 550 imitation race, rally and public upgrade cruise, which will be promoted in all aspects. 2023 is a year of full recovery and catching up. Zongshen Group has set sail.

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