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Price and pictures of Bentley mini-car (price and pictures of Bentley mini-car)

Is it vulgar marketing or unintentional behavior for mini-cars to be respectful and respectful, and Bentley women to wear short skirts and squat?

Two years ago, at the Shanghai Auto Show, a female owner of Tesla, in order to protect her rights, stood on the roof of the car to defend her rights, and made a lot of noise on the Internet.

A few days ago, because of the unfair distribution of ice cream by two female employees of BMW mini-cars, another storm was triggered, which led to a sharp drop in BMW's stock and greatly reduced the reputation of the luxury car brand.

Although BMW also issued an official statement at the first time, this series of actions did not dispel the doubts of netizens.

Because on the Internet, BMW has issued two apology statements, but neither mentioned the discrimination against China people. Instead, it said that it would forgive their employees' behavior and then dismiss them immediately.

Maybe this is just a stunt of BMW itself, but what BMW Mini did today will never be forgotten.

However, just as the BMW Group was in trouble, another heavy news broke out at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Bentley's salesgirl wore a short skirt, but when she crouched down to sell her car to customers, it was noticed that she didn't seem to be wearing underwear.

For a time, the comments of netizens made Bentley once again popular.

The gesture of this saleswoman squatting down is really unsightly.

Even wearing underwear, you can't just squat down like this, can you?

It is also possible that the woman was too focused and squatted down with the customers when explaining to them.

Some enthusiastic netizens also asked whether Bentley should prepare more seats for its salespeople, instead of letting a beautiful girl squat on the ground and make herself embarrassed.

But from the photo, we can see that in front of the booth of Bentley, there is a sales girl wearing a black miniskirt, who is half squatting to explain to the customer, and their expressions are very natural.

However, the salesman is wearing a miniskirt, so it is easy for people to see her naked if she squats like this.

Moreover, this scene was recorded and posted on the Internet. By rights, this is an act of infringement, but now it seems that this matter is getting more and more serious ...

Such an abnormal gesture inevitably makes people feel that this is a vulgar means of propaganda.

However, is this her own choice or the arrangement of the company leaders?

But anyway, as long as she is a normal girl, she will subconsciously do some self-protection actions.

Bentley is a high-end car, and its salespeople are also elites, especially female salespeople, who are first-class in both figure and appearance.

However, if you use vulgar marketing methods, you may be suspected of breaking the law and have a great negative impact on society.

Others said, "When a girl wears clothes, she will pay attention to her image, especially when she is squatting. I think she is deliberately speculating."

If you don't wear it on purpose, it is really to make money, and there is no lower limit.

Ordinary people will definitely not do such dirty work, let alone sell themselves for money. After all, this is a public place with many people and complicated eyes, and the network is so developed that some trivial things will soon spread all over the world.

In addition, as a professional car salesman, she must know what can and cannot be seen by the audience.

In displaying the car chassis, she exposed the private parts in an inappropriate way, which is a great faux pas for herself and the spectators.

Moreover, this incident has aroused great repercussions in society, both for herself and the brand image of her company.

After all, in the circle of car models in 2010, the animals and beasts famous for their hype left the deepest impression on everyone.

However, even so, after a period of excitement, animals and beasts have become ordinary human beings.

I don't think most people would make such a move in such a big scene, unless it is to attract attention. Maybe the saleswoman is wearing a pair of nude safety pants, but from this photo, the saleswoman was photographed from a distance, and the picture is very vague, so we can't guess casually.

Moreover, Bentley is a luxury car after all, and it is generally bought by rich and powerful people. Most people rarely notice it, so there is no need for salespeople to do such a thing in order to gain attention.

It is worth noting that in recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the automobile industry, some manufacturers have adopted some means that can't be on the table to gain a competitive advantage.

Instead of thinking about how to improve the performance of their products and how to improve their user experience, they want to attract attention through these vulgar means.

So every time there is an auto show, they will find some scantily clad and hot women to show their charm.

But in fact, many people who want to buy a car will be disgusted with this method because it can't attract people who really want to buy a car.

Bentley Company is a responsible company with a good image. We should give profound criticism and education to this phenomenon, and pay attention to observing professional ethics and establishing social morality consciousness in future market operations.

At the same time, we should pay more attention to vulgar and vulgar marketing behaviors and conduct more supervision and criticism on them.

In fact, the Shanghai Auto Show is the largest auto show in China.

Before it started, it has caused a heated discussion. Many automobile manufacturers want to show their products to the world through this exhibition, and also want to announce their future development direction to the world.

This should have been a good thing, and it should have been a matter of public attention.

Isn't it good for people to be honest businessmen and sell their cars honestly?

Why do you have to make such a bunch of strange things and push your brand to the forefront?

As for what will happen next, nobody knows.

Write it at the end

In a word, no matter whether this is an accident or a hype, as a woman, we must stick to our own principles and not be used by others, nor can we have no lower limit for our own interests.

If this matter is authorized by Bentley, it would be too fall in price. After all, they are big companies.

As a big enterprise, we should seriously advertise and do a good job in the quality of our cars, and don't think about those crooked ways, otherwise we will only lose more than we gain.

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