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Garnett the Wolf cried (Garnett the Wolf Video Highlights)

Garnett is one of the greatest power forwards since the 21st century. Watching him play on the court never lacks passion, but there are also some embarrassing moments in Garnett's career. Today, Mr. Zeng will talk with you about the embarrassing moments of Garnett in those years! In advance, I declare that Mr. Zeng likes Garnett very much, and writing this article is purely fun, with no disrespect for the Wolf King.

1. Defeated by the shortest center in history

Hayes is called "Hai Ye" by Rockets fans, and the official height is only 1.98 meters. Because he often replaced Yao Ming as a center in those years, he became the shortest center in history. In March 2011, the Rockets, which had entered the reconstruction period, played against the Celtics, when Garnett was still playing for the Celtics. This victory or defeat is a common occurrence among military strategists. Although the Rockets are weak, the reputation of Texas Xiaoqiang is still there, so losing to the Rockets is no big deal. However, it is embarrassing that Kevin Garnett, the Celtics' insider, was completely exploded by Hayes. Hayes scored 11 points and 11 rebounds in the whole game, and scored two pairs in only three quarters, and all the first five shots were hit. Garnett, however, scored only 11 points and five rebounds, and Hayes, who was 13 centimeters shorter than him, grabbed six more rebounds. The most important thing was that Hayes succeeded in stealing Garnett twice and finally took away a victory for the Rockets.

2. All-Star didn't score a point.

Garnett has been selected as an all-star for 15 times in his career. He is a frequent visitor to all-stars. He plays with passion and is suitable for all-star games with high performance content. Before the Houston All-Star in 2013, Garnett had already told the media that it would be his last All-Star in his career. The implication is that even if he is re-elected, he will not participate. In that year's All-Star Game, Garnett only played for six minutes and didn't score a point. He was the only player who didn't score. In fact, this game can't be said to be embarrassing, and it can even be called sadness. The all-star curtain call of a generation of superstars is so lonely.

3. The bus was blocked by melons and dared not show up.

In a Celtics-new york game, Garnett played foul language against Anthony on the court. In fact, spamming is nothing, which is one of the NBA cultures, and Garnett is a master of the new generation of spamming. However, in this game, Garnett made a taboo of rubbish. He greeted Melon's wife, which made Melon extremely angry and he was going to beat Garnett on the court. After the game, the unsettled melon found the Celtic dressing room, but it wasn't over yet. When the Celtic bus was about to leave, melon blocked the Celtic bus again. You know, melon has always been rumored to have a deep underworld background, so Garnett didn't show up during the whole process.

4. 12 stitches were sewn by the big cockroach.

Garnett has always been famous for his defense, and there are not a few superstars who have suffered a lot under his defense. However, when facing Wang Zhizhi, Garnett had the most embarrassing scene in his career! Wang Zhizhi took the ball in the bottom corner, and Garnett jumped on the big tree, probably because he was pushed too hard and was touched by Wang Zhizhi's shoulder, which directly led Garnett to fly into the bench. You know, at that time, Da Qi had just landed in the NBA, and he was a complete rookie. Moreover, it's nothing to be swayed. Garnett broke his head because he flew into the audience and sewed 12 stitches afterwards. This goal has also become one of the most classic images of China players in the NBA, but it's a pity that our Wolf King has become the background wall in embarrassment.

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