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Toyota Tacoma 2022 (the latest price of Toyota Tacoma 2022)

When it comes to Toyota pickup trucks, the most well-known ones are hilux and Tuntu, but compared with Tacoma, the biggest difference is that the former two are tools, while Tacoma is a toy.

Canadian version 2022 Tacoma three-dimensional radian long bucket version, the basic version of Tacoma has a body length of 5727 cm and a wheelbase of 3570, which is a typical medium-sized pickup truck. Why did Tacoma sweep the medium-sized pickup truck industry in North America?

It is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a maximum power of 278PS, matched with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, and equipped with part-time 4wd system, 245/75/R16 tires and steel wheels in the basic version.

The front axle adopts multi-link independent suspension, and the rear axle perfectly inherits hilux's leaf spring suspension. Compared with hilux, the comfort is improved, but not much. The front and rear bridges, together with the blessing of part-time 4wd, basically ensure that the three-dimensional radian of Tacoma still has a good passing ability even in the basic version.

The long bucket version of the warehouse is 1872cm, with a maximum traction capacity of 2903kg and a maximum loading capacity of 282kg. It is enough to drag motorcycles and yachts and pull up half a repair shop.

The interior style still continues Toyota tradition, simple but not shabby, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, automatic headlights, automatic high beam, anti-collision warning, lane keeping, cruise control, single-gear front seat heating and seven-inch touch screen; In terms of configuration, it can only be said that this is a pickup truck model that focuses on off-road after all.

As a magic car with the roof level in the mind of cross-country people, Tacoma's new car has passed through the parallel import market and has been lying in the parking lot, washed and waiting for its owner to claim it. At present, it can be licensed all over the country, including Beijing and Guoliu B, with traction qualification.

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