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Does Benagli Xiaoxunlong sit in high-energy descent-(What is the sitting height of Benagli Xiaoxunlong)

The brand-new benelli streetcar in 1980s went on sale overseas. This car is an upgraded model of Qianjiang Benagli Overseas Edition 125 streetcar-Kaitu Qiwei RKF 125 or Xiaoxunlong 150S, with the displacement increased to 175ml, and some details have changed. Like Kaitu, it was not sold in China in the 1980s, but mainly in Europe and South America.

I believe that domestic riders who like Xiao Xunlong, especially young riders, should express their feelings to Qianjiang:

Why is it "flowers in the wall and incense outside the wall" again?

Today, Xiaobian doesn't simply introduce boring vehicle parameters, but talks about his own views on Qianjiang Benagli 180S around this feeling of riders.

In fact, this wave of operation in Qianjiang Benagli is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, but

A long-term market strategic layout is also a product adaptation strategy.

. By partially changing the existing products in our country, we will keep the advertising methods unchanged to meet the specific needs of foreign markets. Qianjiang Benagli is quite familiar with this game, and is good at accurately positioning products according to the different characteristics and needs of domestic and overseas markets, so as to fully expand the brand coverage and influence.

The 1980s

Obviously, Xiao Xunlong 150S and Kaitu Keeway RKF 125 are both important links in Qianjiang Benagli's product adaptation strategy.

The 1980s


Kaitu Keeway RKF 125

Except for the different displacement and LOGO, the 180S is almost the same as the 150S and Kaitu Keeway RKF 125 in terms of vehicle appearance and body configuration. If you don't look carefully, it is difficult to tell who is who. The decal of 180S is more novel.


The power parameters and configuration of the domestic listed Xiao Xunlong 150S can be described as "eye-catching". For example, the double-wing beam frame, the front inverted front fork, the front 260mm and the rear 240mm single disc with double piston calipers and +CBS linkage braking system are quite brilliant in this class.

The power reserve of 11.3kw/12.5Nm is second to none in the same class, and the triple spark plug device to enhance the combustion effect is also unique. Interested readers can compare the same-class models on the market, including the Wuji 180R, which have not been surpassed. Of course, Xiao Xunlong's 150S is not so arrogant, and the national unified price of 11980 yuan is still full of sincerity.

The 1980s

Therefore, the configuration and power of the 180S are equally excellent.

Back to the original topic.

It is precisely because of the different needs and positioning of foreign markets that the price of the 180S is really not low from a domestic perspective. The price in a certain area is 3794 USD, which is about 2.6W RMB.

Imagine if you put the 180S on the domestic market, not to mention 2.6W, at the price of 2W, would you accept it? The answer is obvious. This price is higher than Chunfeng NK250.

The 1980s

In the current domestic motorcycle market,

"Market determines price", "Cost determines quality" and "Price affects sales volume"

Our creed still prevails. Therefore, domestic car companies have been racking their brains to launch products with the highest cost performance for many years. Xiao Bian feels that riders really can't complain unprincipled about the poor quality and durability of domestic cars. This is due to cost control.

In addition, in view of the fact that the 150S has already opened a field in the market segment, and its power has reached the level of 180cc, it is not appropriate for the 180S to be superimposed for the time being.

Based on the above situation, the reason why 180S is only listed overseas is valid.

Introduction of 2020 Benelli 180S vehicle

The 1980s

In the 1980s, it was radical in appearance and compact in body, which was in line with the 150S. Using the benelli standard, instead of the previous Kaitu, is also to make full use of the influence of Italian old brands in the world.

The 1980s

In terms of power, it was equipped with 175.3 ml, four valves, SOHC and water-cooled single cylinder engine in the 1980s. The book data showed that the maximum power was 17.4 HP at 9000 rpm, and the peak torque was 14 N m at 7000 rpm. The main feature of the engine is that the cylinder leans forward to facilitate air intake and lower the center of gravity. Adopting the same triple spark plug system as the 150S can effectively improve the combustion effect and save fuel. The system does not work at the same time, but operates according to the engine speed and temperature index. Match the 6-speed gearbox.

The 1980s

As for the car body, a double-wing beam frame welded by stamping metal plates is adopted, the front suspension is an inverted fork, and the rear suspension is an adjustable connecting rod single-gun shock absorber. The rear rocker shaft is directly inserted into the rear of the engine, which improves the robustness of the assembly.

The 1980s

The 1980s

The front 260mm and rear 220mm single discs are equipped with double piston calipers +CVS/CBS linkage braking system.

In terms of equipment, it was transplanted from the 1950s, and the whole vehicle was illuminated by LED, and the LCD digital instrument panel included speedometer, tachometer, oil level, water temperature, clock, gear indicator, odometer and other indicator lights.

The 1980s

So 2020 Benelli 180S has really missed the domestic market? Xiaobian can't speculate. However, as long as there is market and demand, it is not excluded that Qianjiang Benagli will kill a comeback.

2020 Benelli 180S specification parameters


Type: single cylinder, four stroke, four valves.

Displacement: 175.3 ml

Cylinder diameter x stroke: 64× 54.5mm.

Compression ratio: 11:1

Maximum power: 17.4 HP at 9000 rpm.

Peak torque: 14 nm at 7000 rpm.

Lubrication system: pressure splash

Gearbox and transmission

Clutch: wet multi-disc

Gearbox: 6 speed

Final drive: chain


Type: stamping plate double-wing beam

hanger bracket

Front: Inverted front fork with a stroke of 110mm.

Rear: Rear rocker arm, adjustable single-gun shock absorber with a stroke of 50 mm.


Front: 260mm single disc, double piston calipers.

Rear: 220mm single disc, double piston calipers.


Front wheel: aluminum alloy wheel hub, 2.50×17, with 100/80-17 tires.

Rear wheel: aluminum alloy wheels, 3.0x17, with 130/70-17 tires.

Body size

Length: 2030mm

Height without mirror: 1070 mm

Seat height: 810mm

Width without mirror: 780mm

Ground clearance: 170 mm

Wheelbase: 1345 mm

Dry weight: 147 kg

Suggested total load weight: 185 kg

Tank capacity: 10 liters

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