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Can Toyota Ultraman Guoliu be licensed in Beijing (can Toyota Ultraman Guoliu be licensed?)

Toyota Ultraman 4Rune, as a hard-core SUV launched by Toyota for the North American market, belongs to the North American sister car developed on the same platform as Prado. Because this car is mainly sold in the North American market, it can also be regarded as the "American version of Prado". It has always been introduced into the domestic market in the form of parallel imported cars, and when the overbearing 4.0 National Six has not been reported, Ultraman has successfully won the National Six 3C license.

Compared with the familiar Toyota Prado, it adopts the same chassis structure and the same four-wheel drive system, but it is different in appearance. However, as a parallel imported model, it has a greater advantage than Toyota Prado in terms of price. At present, the price of 22 models is about 498 ~ 700 thousand yuan, which can be said to be basically equivalent to Volkswagen Touareg. Today, I will come with you to see the specific configuration of the overbearing version of the US version.

Appearance, Ultraman is a product born to adapt to the North American market. Therefore, the appearance of the new Ultraman, to a certain extent, is more tough than Prado. Just like its front face, the oversized air intake grille is not only paved with smoked black mesh, but also trimmed with thick lines. With the sturdy headlights and front bumper, the visual impact is very significant.

The headlights on both sides are designed in a convex way and equipped with LED daytime running lights, which is different from the halogen lamps with overbearing and low allocation.

The side of the car body is simple, smooth and generous, which shows the temperament of sports, fashion, avant-garde, young and stylish. The outline of the overall side adopts a straight and square design, adding a tough guy flavor to this Ultraman.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4830*1925*1816mm, and the wheelbase is 2790mm. The appearance size and length are basically the same as Prado, and the car is shorter and wider than Prado.

In addition to the exquisite and gorgeous diamond-cut taillights, the tail is also equipped with a trailer hook, and the unique sports suspension system of LTD makes the whole car wild.

In terms of interior, it is very similar to overbearing. The central control panel adopts many chrome-plated designs, and in addition, mahogany interior is added to increase the sense of grade. The gear handle is also made of mahogany; The 8-inch central control touch screen, vertical design and reasonable button layout make the in-vehicle control system more convenient.

In terms of power, the Toyota 4Runner is equipped with a 4.0L V6 naturally aspirated engine with a peak torque of 377 Nm, and the transmission system is matched with a 5-speed automatic manual transmission. Compared with the Toyota Prado 3.5L engine, the peak torque is 365 Nm, and the data is almost the same.

Having said that, let's talk about the specific configuration. At present, 22 parallel imported Ultraman models are mainly for sale, and the models on sale are:

Vehicle source features: The optional package is added/replaced on the basic model SR5. In addition, in terms of configuration, 22 models cancel the night shadow version of LTD (black kit and automatic outside pedal are added on the basis of LTD) and the adventure version (TRD wheel, basket roof racks and black appearance kit are added on the basis of off-road version), and the sports version is added. There is a windowless version of SR5 in model 22, but there is no windowless version in official website now. The windowless version is less than SR5: electric sunroof, remote control key, one-button start and leather-like seat. The following is a concrete look:

SR5 configuration

TRD Off Road off-road package configuration

TRD Sport sports bag

LTD package

LTD Pro package

Trail bag

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