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Benagli 302 fuel consumption (how much is Benagli 302 fuel consumption per kilometer)

In Benagli, I believe many riders are very familiar with it. Since the acquisition of Qianjiang, many models have appeared in China.

Today, the car that Xiaobian wants to talk about is a 300-class Benagli sports streetcar named 302. The official price of this car is 29,800 yuan, which is still relatively high among the same-class models in China. So what is the performance of this car? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

This year, Benagli's four-cylinder sports streetcar Huanglong 600 has been upgraded, and this 300-class sports streetcar has also been upgraded accordingly. From the appearance design, this streetcar is more in line with the current style, the overall body design is relatively simple, and it is biased towards sports.

The headlight design of the front face of the car body is consistent with that of Huanglong 600, but the difference is the internal structure, and the outline of the edge LED strip is added, which looks full of texture. The whole body is also made of European steel pipe woven frame, which looks muscular with bare engine.

In terms of instrument, this car adopts irregular design, with a rectangular full-color led LCD instrument in the middle and various display lights on the edge of the car. The function performance is very rich and the definition is very good.

What's better is that the handlebar of this car has rich left and right functions, especially on the left side, and an ABS port close button has been added. The rider who likes to control this switch is equivalent to a welfare, which can improve good handling after being closed.

In terms of power, a few years ago, many riders called the 250-level gold displacement, but with the improvement of domestic riders' driving skills, the gold displacement level will also increase, and the 250-level displacement can no longer meet the needs of riders at this stage, while the 300-level displacement Xiaobian feels just right.

Benagli 302S is equipped with an in-line two-cylinder engine, and its design is very full. According to the official data, the maximum horsepower of this car can reach 38 horses/11,000 rpm. Compared with the domestic models of the same level, such parameter data performance is almost unmatched.

In terms of safety configuration, the braking system of this car is also very high-end. The front wheel adopts double disc brake disc with a diameter of 260mm, and it is matched with four-piston calipers. The rear wheel adopts single disc brake disc with a diameter of 240mm, which is matched with four-piston calipers. Xiaobian feels that such a braking configuration can actually meet the needs of this car without matching ABS, not to mention that this car has been equipped with a closable ABS anti-lock system.

On the tires, the front and rear wheels are also Angel st tires owned by Pirelli, and the grip performance is very good. On the battery life, this car is equipped with a 16-liter fuel tank. In the test, the comprehensive fuel consumption of this car is about 4 liters. Xiaobian estimates that the cruising range of normal driving with full fuel should be 350km, and the comprehensive performance is quite good.

Generally speaking, with the improvement of economic strength, the motorcycle industry has also improved rapidly, and the types of models have become more and more. Benagli's 302S sports streetcar is very leading in the current market, both in power performance and comprehensive configuration.

For the high price of this car of nearly 30,000 yuan, Xiaobian feels more reasonable after reading the configuration. After all, the power parameters and braking configuration far exceed the domestic models of the same class.

Finally, do you have anything else to say about this Benagli 300Class high-powered sports streetcar 302S? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss with domestic riders!

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