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Haojue New 125 (Haojue New 125)

Author: Adong

As a 125ml scooter with a wide audience and the largest user base, the market is almost firmly occupied by several joint venture brands, and Haojue is the only independent brand that can compete with several joint ventures. On July 26th, Haojue officially released a preheating video of a new scooter VX125. In just one day, the number of views exceeded 97,000, which shows the influence of Haojue.

Today Haojue officially announced the price of VX125.

8490 yuan, 8690 yuan, 8780 yuan, 8980 yuan

. It continues AFR's spacious car body structure, and its core power part still uses the letter S ultra-quiet engine leading in the same class. From the aspect of design and price positioning, it is more like a youth scooter launched by Haojue. In front of many young users with limited budgets, this VX125 with good appearance and affordable price, nicknamed Tiger Shark, is undoubtedly quite attractive.

What are the advantages and highlights of the newly listed VX125 in the face of a wide variety of similar models on the market?

Whether it is a pedal or a gear, Haojue's products have a common understanding in the industry, that is, excellent workmanship and fine paint water. VX125 uses a matte finish with a silver metal texture buoy to further highlight the advanced visual texture.

In the front part, VX125 adopts the newly designed future wing headlight group, which is obviously more recognizable than the same front face on the market. The front side of the whole car body is decorated with tough lines, which is quite organic.

The tail part is designed with a dive side cover, and it is matched with a dynamic taillight with a jump, which has great visual impact.

VX125 has the largest riding and storage space in its class. It has an extra-long wheelbase of 1300mm of the same size as ARF, which brings a comfortable experience beyond its class. At the same time, the long seat cushion of 680mm and the rear seat will make people more relaxed.

Don't ignore its 280mm widened footrest space. In addition to daily commuting, it can also place items such as rice bags and oil drums, which is more practical. There is no official data on the bucket space of VX125, but it should be almost the same as AFR.

The 32L factory quick-release trunk can easily place the full helmet and can be removed as a suitcase. The plastic decorative board at the top can be matched according to the color of the car body, which is more in line with the beauty of youthful rhythm.

It can be noticed that VX125 also adopts the design of double storage boxes, and it is an open front storage box, which makes it more convenient to store the accompanying items.

The left side of the front box is an automobile-grade beverage rack, and there are four slots in the beverage rack, so that all kinds of packaged drinks can be placed smoothly.

The storage space on the right side is larger than that of cars of the same class, and one bottle of 1.5L and one bottle of 750ML mineral water can be placed at the same time.

USB charging interface adopts the specification of 5V2A with faster charging, which can be used for navigation and charging at the same time, perfectly adapting to the actual use needs of modern urban people. The middle part is a foldable hook design, which is convenient and practical.

For a 125-class car, practicality is an important reference to test the quality of the product. In terms of details, VX125 is equipped with a manual braking button, which can be said to be a very practical design in the face of a mountain city like Chongqing, effectively preventing the car from slipping.

The original carbon steel guardrail has better protection performance, and the most important thing is that it can be perfectly matched with the whole vehicle, eliminating the later modification and labor costs.

High-wet grip anti-skid tire adopts a brand-new formula, which makes drivers ride safer in rainy days and ensures certain sports performance.

It is worth noting that the VX125 adopts the front 12-inch and rear 10-inch wheelsets, which has better stability and passability than its peers.

The spring with adjustable preload can be reduced later, and the damping hardness can be flexibly adjusted according to the different needs of users.

After talking about the detailed configuration, what kind of user group is VX125 suitable for?

Within the budget of about 8,000 yuan, if you want a scooter with high recognition, wide body, comfortable riding and, more importantly, reliable quality control, VX125 will be your first choice worthy of consideration.

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