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What does the Bluetooth key mean? Picture (What is the Bluetooth key for?)

Hello, everyone, here is the explanation of the column "Old Driver", which is dedicated to promoting the knowledge of daily car use, daily maintenance and repair, so that the majority of car owners can have a more comprehensive understanding of their cars. Then this issue will bring you the knowledge sharing of Bluetooth keys. Let's go!

It is an important scene that wireless transmission technology is applied in automobile field to unlock vehicles with Bluetooth keys instead of physical keys. So, what is a Bluetooth key? Bluetooth key refers to a function that the owner can use Bluetooth as the car key to control the vehicle when the vehicle is close to the owner.


All the safety models in Egypt support Bluetooth keys. Are you comfortable with them? Let's talk about the Bluetooth key today.


1. What are the functions of the Bluetooth key?


1. Switch control of vehicle components. Open the APP and click Bluetooth control. We can control the basic switches such as car lock, window, horn, flashing light and trunk.

2. Unlock and start the vehicle. The Bluetooth key can also start the vehicle, take the mobile phone with you, connect it with the vehicle, and touch the door handle to start it.

3. Remote parking and memory parking functions. Some high-profile models can control remote parking, memory parking and other functions beside the car.


Second, how to activate the Bluetooth key


The appearance of Bluetooth key solves the problem of inconvenient carrying of physical key, and it can really make people feel comfortable to go into battle lightly. To use the Bluetooth key, you need to bind the car key to the mobile phone first, and then activate the Bluetooth key. After the mobile phone and the vehicle are connected through Bluetooth, it can realize the functions of opening the car door and trunk door with the mobile phone without taking the car key.


Activate the Bluetooth key after binding the vehicle. Activation steps:

1. Download and install GAC Ai 'an APP and bind the vehicle.

2. Enter the vehicle details page that needs to activate the Bluetooth key in GAC Ai 'an APP.

3. Click View Status in the Bluetooth Key tab of the vehicle details page, and then click Inactive to enter the Bluetooth key activation guidance interface.

4. Ensure that the mobile phone can normally use the mobile data, and at the same time, bring the mobile phone and the physical key into the car to start the vehicle.

5. Click [Start Activation].

6. Complete Bluetooth pairing according to the interface instructions and activate the Bluetooth key.

7. After the activation is successful, the APP will pop up a window to remind you that the activation is successful.

8. In the key setting, we can recalibrate and customize the Bluetooth key.


Third, how does the Bluetooth key authorize the vehicle


1. Open Ai 'an APP, click My, Vehicle Management, and click Vehicle Authorization.

2. At this time, we need to enter our PIN code and the mobile phone number to be authorized.

3. Then check the vehicle control to be authorized, select Bluetooth control, select the authorization duration, and confirm.

4. The mobile phone on the friend's side receives the authorized SMS verification code, and opening the APP will prompt for authorization. Enter the authorized verification code to get authorization.

5. Turn on Bluetooth on your friend's mobile phone, connect with the vehicle, and then open the APP and click Bluetooth connection.


Fourth, matters needing attention:


1. After activating the Bluetooth key, take good care of the mobile phone and ensure that the mobile phone has sufficient power.

2. Bluetooth control is only applicable when the vehicle is close.

3. During the use of the Bluetooth key, the Ai 'an APP needs to be turned on in the background of the mobile phone, and no background cleaning is required.

4. The Bluetooth key is authorized to five users at the same time at most.


Did everyone activate the Bluetooth key? Is it easy to use? Come and share your activation experience in the comments section!

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