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Benagli 302r Jisu (Benagli 302r Jisu)

On April 28th, Benali held the launch conference of 2021 new Tornado 302R and TNT600 at Taishan Circuit in Shandong Province. The price of Tornado 302R and TNT600 was 29,800 yuan and 52,800 yuan respectively.

2021 tornado 302R

Benagli Tornado 302R is the original Hurricane 302. The appearance of the new model has changed greatly, and it is no longer the "fat fish" in the past. The specific appearance details and configuration can be reviewed:

Small hurricane change photo: 2021 Benagli tornado 302R real car exposure.

The 2021 Tornado 302R not only has a brand-new appearance, but also has four colors to choose from in color matching, and the weight of the whole vehicle is much lower than that of the old model, reaching 182kg.

The power system is Huanglong 300 water-cooled twin-cylinder engine with maximum power of 26kW@11000rpm and maximum torque of 9000 rpm of 27 Nm.

The launch of the new Tornado 302R represents the restart of the Tornado family in Benagli, and Benagli also said that several series of tornadoes with different displacement will be launched one after another in the future, namely, 400, 500, 600, 800, 899 and 1130. The former "big hurricane" may come with a brand-new look in the future.

2021 TNT600

TNT600 is commonly known as Huanglong 600. The appearance of the 2021 model has not changed much. Except for five new color schemes, the main change is that the shape of the fuel tank side guard is different from that of the 20 models. The original "chicken wings" are now more spiritual, and the other change is that the rear rocker arm is replaced with the same model of QJ motor chase 600.

Although the power part is still the original inline four-cylinder water-cooled engine, the maximum power is still 60kW, but the maximum torque is 3Nm higher than that of the 20 models, reaching 55 nm.

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