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The fuel consumption of the old Buick gl8 is 2.4 (how much is the fuel consumption of the old Buick gl8 per kilometer)

Today, our old customer, Buick GL8 owner, came again. The reason for coming today is that the owner feels that the fuel consumption of the engine has increased abnormally recently, and the power has also decreased. In addition, the owner feels that the chassis has abnormal noise and the body is shaking.

After the maintenance master probably knew the situation, he inspected the car. After inspection, six or seven abnormalities were found. Because it was an old car, the owner was screened, and several problems that did not need maintenance and did not affect the use were not repaired. Finally, several key problems were decided to be repaired.

First, the half-axle ball cage. As can be seen from the above picture, the ball cage has been seriously damaged and is surrounded by lubricating grease. If it is not treated in time, it will lead to serious wear and tear of the ball cage for a long time under the condition of oil leakage, and may even cause damage to the ball cage.

The above picture shows the balance tie rod that has been replaced. The damage is caused by the leakage of lubricating grease caused by the rupture of the dust cover at the ball head of the tie rod, which has caused a wear gap. The abnormal noise on the chassis is also made by it.

The owner said that he felt a vibration in the car. After inspection by the master, he found that the rubber buffer sleeve in the engine bracket pad was completely aged and damaged. After repeated determination, the bracket connecting the water tank frame and the engine above the engine was finally replaced. The circle in the above picture is the bracket that has been replaced.

Finally, check and solve the causes of engine fuel consumption and power decline. First, the master checked the cylinder line and spark plug. After inspection, it is found that the cylinder line and spark plug are intact, and the spark plug has been replaced for a few months, so it can't be a problem in this respect at will.

Finally, the master removed the air inlet pipe and checked the throttle. I don't know if I don't check it. When I check it, I find that the inside of the throttle is dirty. The state of the throttle can be clearly seen in the circle above. Excessive carbon deposition in the throttle not only affects the opening and closing of the valve blades, but also directly affects the intake air. Due to excessive carbon deposition and sundries, the amount of air that should have entered the cylinder, because carbon deposition occupied the volume of the throttle intake, resulting in the intake volume not reaching the original amount. However, ECU calculates the fuel injection quantity by calculating the intake air quantity, which leads to the decrease of the intake air quantity and the increase of the fuel injection quantity, and the intake air quantity decreases due to the increase of the fuel injection quantity, which leads to the rich mixture. Too rich mixture will not only increase power, but also increase fuel consumption.

Then the master decided to remove the throttle for cleaning, and found that the environment in the intake manifold was also quite bad after removal. The master suggested removing the intake manifold for cleaning, and the master began to remove the intake manifold after the owner agreed.

After all the fixing screws on the intake manifold were removed, a pipe caught the attention of the master. It's the pipe marked by the circle in the above picture. At the beginning, the maintenance master paid the tuition fee because of negligence when disassembling the pipe, so the maintenance master is very careful when disassembling the exhaust pipe now.

After more than 10 minutes of hard work, the intake manifold was finally removed. This car is equipped with V6 engine, so there are 6 air intakes on the intake manifold, corresponding to 6 cylinders respectively. Every air inlet is dirty, and the air intake can only be increased after cleaning.

After cleaning the intake manifold, the maintenance master began to clean the throttle. The above picture shows the throttle valve that has been cleaned, and it took a full bottle of cleaning agent to clean it.

Finally, after everything was installed, the maintenance master started the engine and found that the idling costume was always at 1500 rpm. After starting for 10 minutes, the idle speed is still good at 1500 rpm. In fact, it is because this car has poor automatic learning and matching ability. After the throttle is turned off and re-energized, the electronic unit control system cannot learn and repair itself. It needs the master to reset and learn the idle speed with a decoder to restore 750 rpm.

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