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How much is 100 megabytes of mobile broadband (how much is 100 megabytes of mobile broadband a year)

Now we are in the information age, and we can get a lot of real-time information at ordinary times, thanks to the continuous popularization of the national network. No matter in cities or remote rural areas, as long as the mobile phone has a signal, we can easily use the mobile phone to surf the Internet, because everyone is using it now, and the cost is very low. We don't have to worry about how high the non-fee for surfing the Internet for one month is. There is broadband wireless local area network (short for wireless fidelity) signal coverage at home, so everyone can use it at will. When we go out at ordinary times, we will use mobile phone traffic when we need to surf the Internet. Now the state has a policy to speed up and reduce the internet traffic.

Mobile phone traffic is very easy to use. Usually, we surf the Internet where there is no wireless network. If the 5G signal coverage is realized, there will be more joy in high-speed Internet access. Although everyone enjoys it to the fullest, the monthly traffic is very low. Maybe many people think that the package traffic they are using now is always not enough, because most people rarely change their mobile phone packages frequently, and only when they really can't stand the original package will they have ideas, and they will often handle it once every few years. Our current internet demand will change greatly every year, so we should learn to keep pace with the times, especially using mobile phones to access the internet every day. The opened traffic must be very sufficient to use.

Mobile phones are often used by more users from morning till night, and now they are mainly based on network communication. Mobile phones can't live without the network for a moment. WiFi and traffic complement each other to give us a better online experience. China Mobile is a service provider with a large number of mobile phone packages in China, and the usual package content is very much. We will start with it according to our actual needs. The mobile flying package I used before only has 100 meters of traffic and 50 minutes of calls every month. It's not cost-effective to rent 28 yuan every month. Of course, this is a package set a few years ago, which is no longer suitable for the current high-traffic Internet demand. At the same time, we will open a China Mobile long-term universal card with ultra-low monthly rent in 9 yuan.

Speaking of China Mobile's long-term universal card, the most impressive thing is that the cost performance ratio is very high. During the activity, the monthly rent can be increased as long as 9 yuan, and the 200GB universal large traffic can not only realize the freedom of surfing the Internet, but also complete the call for 100 minutes. You don't have to worry about the problem that the monthly traffic is always excessive. When you need to make a call, you can have so much content to use. The most important thing is that there is no limit to the software, as long as.

It is worth mentioning that we usually use a lot of devices to surf the Internet. In places where there is no wireless LAN (abbreviation of wireless fidelity) signal, we can't say that it is unrealistic to configure all devices with a traffic card. China Mobile is very considerate for everyone. The traffic of this long-term universal card can be shared. As long as the hotspot is turned on, multiple devices can surf the Internet at the same time, and you can have a video chat with family and friends anytime and anywhere, as long as you want. If you really want to make a phone call, 100 minutes is absolutely enough at ordinary times, the Internet traffic is sufficient, and there are free calls, and the cost is quite close to the people, which is easily acceptable to everyone.

China Mobile is warm-hearted, and now there are a lot of Internet users. This long-term universal card is very practical. During the activity, the monthly rent is as low as 9 yuan, and it can have 200 grams of general traffic per month, and both 4G and 5G signals can be used. It is convenient to use one card for multiple purposes, and even 100 minutes of calls are free. Netizens say that it is finally conscience to speed up and reduce fees. In fact, everyone can consider it as an Internet card if they have insufficient traffic. The monthly rent is not high and the traffic is very good.

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