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Fuel consumption of Toyota Ultraman trd Professional Edition (fuel consumption of Toyota Ultraman Co., Ltd.)

I am the owner of land patrol and Prado. I am a good brother and a super Toyota fan. I opened his garage and mixed oil and electricity with Corolla, Crown, Senna and Prado. A few days ago, I sold the Crown and prepared to start the Land Cruiser. After the test drive, I felt too afraid that I couldn't control it. In hesitation, I accidentally found the Toyota 4-wheeler. After 15 minutes of understanding, this gentleman decisively went to Tianjin to watch the car and pay for the TRD professional edition. The car arrived in late August, picked it up and left, and started the test drive.

Toyota 4Runner TRD pro version was produced in Toyota Osaka factory in April 2019, with a pick-up kilometer of 32, and the car was picked up in Tianjin Free Trade Zone.

This position is still somewhat overbearing.

The TRD version has only five seats, and the trunk has a huge volume. Because of the spare tire hanging at the bottom, the lower cover of the trunk can't be opened, and a lot of storage space is missing.

This Toyota logo seems to go back to the last century.

This vent on the front cover is basically a decoration, but it feels like a pickup truck.

TRD professional post standard

TRD professional left and right standard

TRD wheel hub standard, Toyo all-terrain tire.

TRD headrest marker

TRD bottom guard board logo, in short, TRD can be seen everywhere.

The lighting design is practical and restrained.

The taillights feel the same way

Bottom-hung spare tire, trailer hook, trailer power supply and lighting.

Hard-working 1GR has an output of 201kW and a torque of 377N m. The key problem is that it can meet Euro 6 emission, but what about Euro 6?

This is very interesting. When the engine is heated at ultra-low temperature, the electric mattress of the engine can be started by connecting a special cable.

The test run distance is more than 700 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 11.6 liters.

The multi-function steering wheel also feels like Prado.

The screen is not big and has many functions, but the map is basically useless. These big buttons feel great, and the retro feeling is simple and rude, but it is comfortable to look at.

Everyone is already familiar with this part-time 4wd. The 5-speed automatic gearbox and 1GR are a perfect match, and the one-button lifting of the rear window is the highlight.

Fully lowered rear window

Front row top operation part, indoor light adjustment, skylight control, driving safety system and rear differential lock, crawling and all-terrain mode.

Windows and doors are controlled above the inner door panel, which requires frequent wiping, and waterproof in rainy days is also the key.

There are 12V, 120W and 120V400W power supplies for spare boxes. What about our 220?

The front and rear seats are comfortable, and the original leather feels first-class.

The price of this FOX shock absorber TRD is not polite, and of course, the ability is not ambiguous.

Do you have any worries about this suspension system?

TRD original luggage rack, solid and reliable, is the wind noise disturbing people when the speed exceeds 100 kilometers per hour.

There are a lot of manuals, but not many that can be understood.

TRD version has exclusive keys, and Ultraman, which is cheap, has a series of comfort configurations, including one-button start. It seems that retro is really the most expensive.

Thanks to the "herdsman Brothers" who accompanied the test drive all the way, and thanks to the "Toyota Pink Brothers" who are so willing to provide vehicles, they are all in my heart.

Finally, I also talked about the driving experience in the Toyota Off-road Vehicle Forum. The 700-kilometer trial run is mainly based on paving the road, including the journey from Tianjin Free Trade Zone to Beijing. When lifting the car, add 83 liters of fuel, check the tire pressure before 2.7 and after 2.6, and the oil level is normal. When the vehicle is running, the integrity of the vehicle body site is far better than that of the original factory configuration of Prado and Land Patrol. The total road condition of Toyo tyre size is 265-70-17, and the tire noise is slightly higher when the speed is over 100 kilometers per hour, which is different from that of ko2. The steering wheel points with moderate accuracy, the turning radius is slightly larger, and the braking performance is better than the original configuration of other Toyota off-road vehicles. The vehicle mass of 2,180 kg is basically the same as Prado. Throttle response and rapid acceleration lag are the same as those of Toyota off-road series. The engine power output in the rear section is obviously better than that in the front section, and the maximum torque output speed is 4400 rpm, which is quite satisfactory. TRD pro version of this set of FOX shock absorber is impressive in driving performance, and it is satisfactory in filtering small bumps, suppressing the feedback force of pits and speed bumps. Good support makes the vehicle's anti-roll performance in cornering easy. TRD has cancelled the KDSS system of Toyota housekeeping on this most expensive Ultraman, which shows that it is full of confidence. Of course, the price of this set of shock absorption is really genuine. I have used many brands of shock absorbers, and this set of shock absorbers from Ultraman TRD pro will never be lost to similar products. If Ultraman's emissions can pass the test and certification successfully, TOYOTA 4Runner will be a new force in Toyota's off-road vehicle system in the future.It will also be the focus of the off-road brothers. However, due to exchange rate fluctuations, car prices are also changing every day!

BY Aika Car Card Friends: Lan Kuze

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