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When will the 300 displacement of Haojue Motorcycle go on the market (Haojue New Motorcycle 300)?

There will be three versions of the network transmission Haojue 500 displacement, which will be listed next year. What do you think?

I am a knight to share. QJ should be the fastest in the domestic self-owned brand motorcycles, and its models are based on style and displacement. As long as a model is made, it will be very intensive and full-displacement.

Haojue, on the other hand, is notoriously slow-witted. A new model will never go on stage easily without three to five years, which makes its model innovation speed very slow and the expansion of the car system is limited, so even though it has held a 500ml engine, the relevant models are still missing.

However, recently, there will be three versions of Haojue 500-class models in the early days, which will be officially listed in 2024. This statement is very similar to Haojue's consistent style, so its credibility is still relatively high. Therefore, friends who expect Haojue to produce medium and large displacement models can come down in advance to have a look.

Let's take a look at Haojue's 500cc engine first. The earliest exposure of this engine should be N years ago, and there are also 750cc inline four cylinders, but the latter has obviously been shelved. After all, there is no clue about it so far.

Haojue's 500 cc engine will adopt the design of in-line double-cylinder water cooling, which is similar to Honda CB500 series in terms of its outline, so it is speculated that it belongs to classmates with the domestic star engine KE500, so the power value and performance can refer to the class teacher or Wuji. (Actual displacement is 471 cc, maximum power is 37KW, and maximum torque is 45N·m)

According to the information from the Internet, the early 500 cc models of Haojue were ADV, Cruise and Imitation, and the corresponding models were probably DL500 and TR500. As for the imitation, there is no alternative model at present, or we will call it GSX500R for the time being, but Suzuki may not agree. After all, this name can't be used casually.

In this way, we have found a general direction. The DL500 will be similar to Honda's CB500X, and the overall style will be as stretched as possible, but according to Haojue's design level, it should not be too hard-core and fashionable.

Since the TR500 has been said to be a retro cruise, the high probability is an enlarged version of the TR300, but whether there will be a significant change in the face value depends mainly on whether Haojue can hear the suggestions of riders and adopt them.

As for GSX500R, we can refer to GSX250R for the time being. It will still set a relatively conservative appearance and will not make itself very radical. Therefore, don't hold too much hope for the face value of these three cars. If Haojue doesn't change the design concept, the chef will take the blame again.

Of course, I personally look forward to the DL500 and TR500, because the styles of these two cars are conservative, and they will not be much worse. In the end, they will have a good look. As for the imitation race 500, it is a bit hard to say. After all, the current fun users are very demanding about the aesthetics of the models, so the designers of Haojue must pay attention, or they will be ready to run!

But in the end, the Cavaliers would like to talk about it. Even if these three models can arrive as scheduled next year, they will come a little late. After all, the first round of domestic ADV models has passed, and cruise cars and imitation races will usher in an outbreak this year, so let's speed up, otherwise we won't get the cake.

All in all, I'm not surprised that Haojue built 500 cc models, and I can recognize their quality even without looking at the existing cars, but it's hard to say their face value. I hope that this time Haojue can change the design style and give the friends who have been waiting for many years a few decent models, and by the way, improve the position of domestic cars. So what do you think of this in front of the screen?

(The picture in the article comes from the official map of the brand)

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