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Used Car Price in Automobile Trading Market (Complete Collection of Used Car Trading Market)

At present, in the second-hand car market, car dealers don't like Japanese cars very much, and the price of collecting cars is very low, and the price system is facing collapse.

In the past, car dealers liked Japanese cars very much, and even rushed to collect them at high prices, because used Japanese cars were very easy to sell, with stable quality, fuel economy and money saving, and there was basically no after-sales problem. Nowadays, Japanese cars are becoming more and more difficult to sell, and Japanese cars in the whole used car market are in a state of being valuable but not marketable. To sum up, there are several reasons:

First, the price of new cars is falling, which is not much different from that of used cars, so why don't consumers just buy a new one? Last year, the one-year-old Corolla received a car price of 100,000 yuan, which was not sold for three or four months, and finally lost 2,000 yuan.

Second, cars with independent brands are getting better and better. Not only are the cars beautiful, but the configuration is also high. Now young people are more likely to accept domestic cars and give them a chance, unlike the older generation who had feelings for joint ventures. At present, there are many choices for 100,000 domestically produced cars. It is necessary to have a face value, a motive force and a configuration, which almost kills Japanese cars in all aspects.

Third, oil prices have skyrocketed, and new energy vehicles are more popular. Those who are worried about the anxiety of pure electric cruising range can buy hybrids, the price is similar, and the power and fuel consumption are much worse. Most people choose new energy vehicles for their second cars. On the one hand, they are fuel-efficient and have low travel costs. On the other hand, the driving experience of new energy vehicles is far more than 100,000 basic Japanese cars.

Fourth, in the post-epidemic era, everyone's consumption concept has changed, income is unstable, leading consumption is less and less, and the probability of changing cars is also reduced. Second-hand oil vehicles replacing new energy vehicles have flooded into the market, and the supply exceeds demand in a short period of time. Many cars hoarded by car dealers are being reduced in price due to the problem of capital chain, and the next price is estimated to fall. If the oil price continues like this, the era of fuel vehicles will end early.

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