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Lamborghini Xi 'an Price (Lamborghini Xi 'an Price Picture)

Shell and magic change! Lamborghini Xi 'an in 2020 Niu Jia's classic V12 self-priming engine is equipped with a 48V light mixing system this time. Among them, the V12 engine provides 785 horsepower, the motor provides 34hp horsepower, and the comprehensive output reaches 819 horsepower. This is also the highest output of Lamborghini in history! The top speed is over 350 km/h. The acceleration of 30 ~ 60 km/h within 2.8 seconds is 0.2 seconds faster than SVJ, and the acceleration time of 70 ~ 120 km/h is 1.2 seconds shorter than SVJ. In terms of appearance, the new car has adopted a new design language. Interior materials are better and more luxurious. Each one is exclusively customized. Trenches can wash and sleep, limited to 63 sets. Sold out. [From Chedi Cheyou Circle]

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