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Toyota coupe (Toyota coupe price picture)

A few days ago, Zhidian traveled to obtain spy photos of Toyota's ninth-generation Camry road test. The new car is scheduled to debut before the end of this year and will be on sale in the first half of 2024. At the same time, new cars are also expected to start production in the domestic market early next year, and it is expected that they will be listed and sold in the first half of the same year at the earliest. The main competitors at the same level include Honda Accord, Nissan Teana and Volkswagen Passat.

As can be seen from the spy photos of the road test released, the head of Toyota's ninth-generation Camry model is expected to provide an upper and lower split air intake grille, and both sides are equipped with a brand-new LED headlight group, and its styling design is similar to that of Crown Sports in overseas markets. The C-pillar position of the car body adopts the design of sliding back coupe, and the tail will be added to the through LED taillight group for the first time. At the same time, the new car will also be built based on the upgraded TNGA-K platform, and its size is more advantageous than that of Honda Accord.

In terms of power, Toyota's ninth-generation Camry model is expected to be equipped with a 2.5L hybrid electric vehicle, a 2.5L plug-in hybrid system and a maximum 2.4T hybrid engine, in which the combined maximum power of the 2.4T model can reach 254kW and the peak torque is 542n·m, and the transmission system may provide a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. According to overseas media, the interior of the new car will also learn from the design elements of the Crown model. It is expected that LCD instruments and floating LCD screens will be provided, and electronic gear shifting mechanisms will be installed below.

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