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Fuel consumption of Haojue 300 cruising Prince motorcycle (fuel consumption of Haojue 300 cruising Prince motorcycle)

I am a title of generals in ancient times, motorcycle critic, welcome to pay attention!

On January 15, 2021, the column "Quiz-a-Quiz" of Qi Qi Fu was officially opened. Since the number of words in the title text is limited to 30 words, the title of each issue of "Quiz-a-Quiz" will only have a preview of a question, but in fact, each column will collect, select and reply to five or seven questions.

Participation method:

You can leave a message directly in the message area at the bottom of each column.


A title of generals in ancient times will choose some of them to reply.

Note: the problem description should be as detailed as possible, and at least the budget scope and purpose are required, similar to

"What motorcycle brand is the best?" "Do you have any recommendations for buying a streetcar?"

This kind of question, please forgive a title of generals in ancient times mansion can't answer. In addition, it is suggested that the description of the vehicle model can be more clear, for example

Benagli 250

I don't know which one it is, because there are three 250-displacement models in Benagli.

For the questions that the title of generals in ancient times decided to reply, we will try our best to select those questions with strong representativeness and high heat, and strive to update the "Q&A of Brother Si" every Friday. There is no warm reminder here-the title of generals in ancient times mansion is a person, so not every question can be answered in time, and the level is limited, so not every question can be answered, or the point of view must be correct, only representing personal views, so I hope you will forgive me!

Question 1: Then the question comes, which is more fragrant, landing DR300 or CM300?

The current price of DR300 has dropped to 26,680 yuan.

Honda CM300

This question is very representative. I believe many friends are wandering between these two cars, right?

Haojue started to do activities a few days ago, and the discount was quite strong. The original price of DR300 was 33,080 yuan, which directly dropped by 6,400 yuan. Now it only needs 26,680 yuan, which can be described as one step.

Honda CM300 has not been officially listed, but the price range has been announced. It is between 32,000 and 36,000, which is a bit unexpected. The main reason is that everyone is still too impressed with the pricing of PCX150 produced by Honda in China, so there is no high expectation for the price of CM300. Therefore, as soon as the price range of CM300 is announced, everyone feels that it is a conscience price.

However, the DR300 is a streetcar and the CM300 is a Japanese BOBBER retro prince. The styles of the two cars are very different. If you don't have any style preferences, then we can discuss the next step directly.

First of all, the reply to this question has a certain personal subjective component, which is not necessarily objective and comprehensive, and is only for your personal reference.

The following is a quote from the title of generals in ancient times on the evaluation of CM300.

With all due respect, I don't really like this car CM300, but this car is like coriander. I don't even look at what I don't like. I belong to the latter, mainly because I think it's too ugly. This should be a proper reason, right?

Although I am also a fan of retro locomotives, the design of this car really turns me off. Don't talk to me about Japanese BOBBER style. My understanding of retro locomotives should be ok. There have been many articles about introducing related types of retro locomotives, so it should not be considered as a motorcycle white.

I don't like Japanese BOBBER very much, because it feels a little weird, and I don't like to mass-produce the BOBBER style that originally belonged to the niche modification type. The car designed in this way not only wants to express the charm of BOBBER, but also takes care of practicality. It is very likely that a nondescript monster is designed, and the CM300 is just such a car.

Say a few grooves on the appearance!

First, the fuel tank design is too accommodating to practicality. BOBBER's fuel tank should be small and exquisite, and the CM300 fuel tank does not conform to BOBBER's elements at all.

Second, the tail end of the exhaust pipe looks very cheap. This style should be similar to the domestic access tool car with several thousand yuan, right?

Third, because the engine is single-cylinder, the upper part of the engine is empty, which looks very thin and lacks a sense of strength.

Playing retro is about the value of the face. What is the retro BOBBER without a good skin? Therefore, you are welcome to say that if the face value is not pleasing to the eye, the CM300 will not sell more than 30,000, and I will not consider selling this car for 25,000.

Of course, some people will say that this car was originally bought and modified, and both the fuel tank and the exhaust pipe can be modified. Well, if you can comfort yourself like this, that's right.

In addition to the appearance, there is nothing in the CM300 configuration. Is the sliding clutch a high-end thing? Is the rear flat fork of round steel pipe very high-end? In order to save research and development costs, the frame of Honda CM500 was directly transplanted, so it seems that the single cylinder machine of CM300 looks so thin. The brand-new cruise car tires are not a good brand either. If you sell a single-cylinder car with more than 30,000 yuan, you can't use Michelin Pirelli brand tires? The overseas version of CM300 headlamp is four LED bulbs with lenses, but the domestic assembly becomes the upper and lower LED headlights without lenses. Why? Cheap!

Of course, ABS is still equipped, but I guess, even without this configuration, even if you put on a CBS linkage brake, Honda powder will smell really good, and there is no way out.

The engine is still the original single-cylinder water cooler of CBR300R, which has a little history, and can be traced back to Honda's off-road vehicle AX1 in the late 1970s.

Of course, of course, Honda Dafa has good reasons, which should be told the truth, such as good adjustment, comfortable riding, high man-machine combination and easy to use. The CM300 will certainly be like this, and it will not give you an awkward feeling when riding. This is still worth learning from domestic manufacturers, and you don't want to think about it. How many years have people been specializing in motorcycles, and can this accumulate?

PGM-Fi EFI system is also Honda EFI system, which is a good thing, in a word-awesome! This EFI system is not only used on the small pedal of Honda, but also used in the luxurious and atmospheric Honda Jinyi GL1800, and even used in Honda cars. What do you say? So that Honda's own EFI system is not sold at all, and it is kept as its core technology.

Of course, quality control will be stable, which is also Honda's core competitiveness, not much to say.

Actually, this BOBBER-style motorcycle is a niche model among many models, and not many people like it, but Honda's strong brand influence has caused this car to attract many followers in China, so you have to admire Honda.

Personally, I think CM300 is a car. If you really like it, you can buy it. There are still some merits. If you buy it, no one will say that you are a big head, but I am not interested.

Let's talk about haojue DR300.

Now the price of this car has dropped to a reasonable range, 26,680 yuan, equipped with a water-cooled two-cylinder engine, and a brand-name configuration has won the CM 300-I wanted to use the word hanging, but it may cause some people's disgust, so let's use the word winning.

The reason for the poor sales of DR300 is that the price is too high, but there is no slot in quality control and riding texture, which is very stable and easy to ride. To be honest, in terms of quality control workmanship and riding experience, I think it is better than some imported brands.

Maybe someone said something about the engine of DR300 again-cylinder expander, rubbish!

Hehe, if your knowledge of motorcycles still stays at this level, then I think it's impossible to continue to communicate with you. Even if you talk about chickens and ducks, you can't make it clear until dawn ...

So, if I were to choose, I would prefer the DR300, which is no worse than the CM300 except for the little wings, and has an advantage in price.

Question 2: I am 55 years old and have been riding a 125-displacement access car for many years. Now I hesitate between Suzuki Geek Sa 155, Suzuki Cool Road 155 and Honda 190SS or 190X. Which is better?

Personally, I prefer the Honda 190 series with larger displacement. Since none of them can be duty-free, why not choose the 190 with more power?


If you like retro, you can choose Heidao CB190SS. This car has been tested in a title of generals in ancient times. You can refer to the original articles "and" in the title of generals in ancient times.

Yindao 190X

If you like motocross, you can choose the Fierce 190X, which is a mature light recreational vehicle.

Honda's 184cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine is ok, with excellent running quality, low fuel consumption, good vehicle quality control and workmanship, and it is one of the good choices for entry-level fun models.

Question 3: The budget is 20,000-30,000, and you don't run long distances or race cars. You can drive anywhere in the city. Your height is 1.65 meters, your legs are short, and you are worried that your feet won't land. You need two seats. The appearance of thick wheels is terrible, you can sit comfortably and your quality is good. Thank you!

The appearance design of a car is best consistent with its displacement and dynamic performance, which is a mature design. What kind of tires designers choose is generally considered in combination with the positioning and coordination of the whole vehicle. Too wide or too narrow tires will have a negative impact on appearance and riding.

Therefore, the title of generals in ancient times feels that whether the tires are thick or not can not be used as a prerequisite for choosing a car, and it is very embarrassing to be misnamed, just like the Horizon sports car.

Last July, a title of generals in ancient times test-drive the Jinjila 300.

You can pay attention to the Jingjila 300, which has a beautiful appearance and enough power to meet your needs. The seat height is only 690mm, and there are not many slots in quality control. The price is also close to the people, which deserves your attention. For details, you can refer to the original article ""of the title of generals in ancient times, which has a detailed test drive experience.

Haojue DR300 has also reduced its price by 26,680, which is very suitable and worthy of your attention.

You can also look at some other single-cylinder cars. Since they are opened casually in the urban area, single-cylinder cars can also meet your needs, such as the infinite 300R, 300AC, 300RR, Chunfeng 250NK, 250SR, Seclon's double-cylinder RE3, RZ3S and so on.

Question 4: I want to buy a small retro, but I am shy. I am wandering between Dayang 200 and Lifan KPM200. I hope Brother Biao Qi can give me some advice.

Lifan KPM200 with a price of 14,800 yuan.

Dayang Tianyue 200 retro car, price

There is no distinction between motorcycle friends and noble friends. Don't feel ashamed just because you didn't ride any luxury car. There is no such thing here in the title of generals in ancient times.

Talk about the car! The advantage of Lifan KPM200 is its original appearance and individuality. I like this original design, and the price/performance ratio is not bad. The price of ABS equipped with dual channels is less than 15,000. Other inverted forks, LED headlights, independent rear suspension, etc. The riding feeling is also ok. Now it is equipped with the second-generation engine of NBF, and the running quality has been greatly improved.

The disadvantage is that the workmanship and spraying quality are average, but it is still a little less refined.

I have also seen the real Dayang Tianyue 200 retro car, and I have a short test drive, and my impression is good, except that the design is very general.

High configuration is an advantage, such as aluminum alloy steel wire wheel hub, aluminum alloy rear rocker arm, etc., and the workmanship is acceptable. The engine is a bright spot, with slightly more power than Lifan's KPM200, but the fuel consumption is still good. If I choose it personally, I may slightly prefer the Dayang Tianyue 200. Personal views are for reference.

Question 5: How to choose Suzuki UU125 and Guosi Haojue Neptune 125?

Haojue Neptune 125, the price is about 8500.

Jinan Suzuki UU125, with a low price of around 8,000.

Let's not talk about the appearance, because neither looks good, but people who look at these two cars have no requirements for the appearance.

The engine is better than UU125, because it is the power of Suzuki's super-core "SEP" platform, with higher technical content, better running quality and fuel economy.

In other respects, Haojue Neptune 125 is better, and the details of painting water are handled in all aspects, but I personally prefer UU125 to be more.

Question 6: With a displacement of 400cc or 500cc, the vehicle weight should not exceed 200KG, the seat height should not exceed 820, and it can run long distances with long battery life. Is it suitable? Besides, is Lifan 450 still moving?

This condition is very restrictive. There are only a few models of domestic brands to see.

Wuji 500DS

Sekelon new RX3S

Excelle 500X

If you have a larger budget, I suggest that it is more appropriate to look at KTM 390 ADV first. The price has been announced not long ago-53,800 yuan.

Finally, let's talk about Lifan's KPT450. This car has not yet been listed in China. Maybe Lifan still intends to take the strategy of exporting first and then turning back. It will definitely be listed when it goes public, but even if Lifan is listed in China, it may not have any particularly strong competitiveness. Because there are too many competitors, the biggest advantage is the price.

Question 7: Within the budget of 20,000 yuan, which models are there for 150 scooters with ABS?

This question has no technical content, and it is purely a matter of words. Fans who pay a little attention to the motorcycle circle can count a few, but then again, it is too technical for me to answer, right? Don't readers think we should give a compliment to the title of generals in ancient times for answering so honestly? Hehe, skin it first.

150cc scooters equipped with ABS are mainly imported brands and Taiwan Province brands, such as Yamaha NMAX150 and Vespa 150, which are expensive. Others are Sanyang Cruise 150, Guangyang PEOPLE 150, Corner Lover 150 and Any Like Q 150. For the time being, only Dayang V Rui 150T and Lifan KPV150 are equipped with ABS. Of course, there will be many ABS in the future.

Dayang v Rui 150

You can click on the link to check the evaluation articles of the title of generals in ancient times on Dayang V Rui 150T-and.

The test drive links of Lifan KPV150 are here-and.

Question 8: The novice is 170CM300 tall. Is it suitable for him to walk in the city, pick up and drop off children and not travel? Any other recommendations? thank you

Another friend talked about the Honda CM300, which shows the attention of this car. The specific first answer has been commented almost.

To add, CM300 can certainly be used for walking and picking up children. Isn't that what he should do? Remember to add a back seat back. It's safer for children to sit in the back.

There are many other recommendations, but you should have a budget range, otherwise it will become a running account, because the range is too large, why can't motorcycles ride instead of walking and pick up children? Pedals, princes, streetcars, retro and even light ADV and recreational vehicles can all be competent.

Well, that's all for today's questions. You are welcome to leave your own questions and comments. The title of generals in ancient times will reply to some of them selectively in the next issue.

Author: a title of generals in ancient times mansion

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