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Haojue 300 price reduction (Haojue 300 price)

Haojue Motorcycle recently released the latest preferential policies. During the event, six popular models will be superimposed on the original group purchase discount. The maximum discount range is 6,400 yuan, while the minimum discount is as high as 4,000 yuan. The event time is from February 1 to March 31, 2021. This is also the first time that Haojue has carried out such a large price reduction promotion for dual brands. For users who have recently purchased the above models, Haojue will not have any subsidy measures.

Haojue motorcycle preferential activities tablecar make and modelindicative pricespecial pricemargin of preferenceHaojue DR300Thirty-three thousand and eightyTwenty-six thousand six hundred and eightySix thousand four hundredHaojue DR250Twenty-nine thousand six hundred and eightyTwenty-four thousand six hundred and eightyFive thousandHaojue Suzuki motorcycles DL250Thirty-one thousand five hundred and eightyTwenty-six thousand five hundred and eightyFive thousandHaojue Suzuki motorcycles DL250Thirty-two thousand six hundred and eightyTwenty-seven thousand six hundred and eightyFive thousandHaojue Suzuki motorcycles GSX250RThirty thousand six hundred and eightyTwenty-six thousand six hundred and eightyFour thousandHaojue Suzuki motorcycles GW250Twenty-six thousand six hundred and eightyTwenty-two thousand six hundred and eightyFour thousandAika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

Brief comment on haojue DR300;

Suzuki, with the label of Haojue, reversed the Suzuki 250 engine, and achieved greater horsepower and torque output by expanding the cylinder. The vehicle configuration is not low, the overall quality is good, and the handling and workmanship are in line with Suzuki models. However, the price of the 33080 is somewhat out of touch, and it is only a matter of time before the price is greatly reduced, which only pits the first batch of users who buy cars.

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Without Suzuki logo, it is more expensive. Haojue DR300 real shot.

Brief comment on haojue DR250;

Less than two months after listing, the car price dropped by 5,000 yuan, a drop of 17%, which cut the leek even harder than Tesla. But fortunately, the overall quality of the car is not bad, except that the data index corresponding to the displacement is not as good as DR300, and the workmanship and quality control are the top standards in China. The reduced price is 2,000 yuan more expensive than the GW250 with Suzuki logo. Personally, I feel that there is still room for price reduction in the future.

Brief comment on haojue Suzuki DL250;

It has been listed for three and a half years and has become the largest sports recreational vehicle in China. DL250 can be seen everywhere in the streets, suburbs, Sichuan-Tibet line and Xinjiang line. High quality and excellent workmanship have always enjoyed a good reputation in the workshop. There is only one weakness, poor motivation. The car is divided into versions with three boxes and without three boxes, and the price difference is 1100 yuan. The three boxes work well, but the lack of a full helmet has become a chicken rib.

Brief comment on haojue Suzuki motorcycles GSX250R;

Like the DL250, the GSX250R is the sports car with the largest quantity in China. The appearance of the car+two-cylinder engine+track version flower+Suzuki brand, regardless of whether you really have control and motivation, users who buy this car will not pay much attention to it. Most of the users of the GSX250R are novices+first-time buyers, and they only hate that they are too old.

Brief comment on haojue Suzuki GW250;

It's been ten years since it went on the market in 2011. The only change is that it has changed the pattern and added ABS. But this does not prevent it from being a model with excellent comprehensive quality. At the same time, it is the only international brand motorcycle whose price in China is lower than the global price. Now diving 4000 yuan again, to the price in the early 20 thousand, the price/performance ratio is still very high. If you can accept its own weight and not too strong motivation, you can start completely.

First of all, it must be admitted that Haojue, including the models of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles, are benchmark products of the same level in China, regardless of quality or workmanship. However, it must be said that this round of leek cutting has no warning. Even the new cars that have been on the market for less than two months have joined the army of price reduction, which has pitied the first batch of users who have adopted early adopters. For this price reduction promotion, Haojue has not made any compensation actions for the purchased users, which will hurt the feelings of some users to some extent. However, this round of concessions is really strong, and users who are concerned about the above models can consider starting.

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