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The difference between haojue usr125 and afr125 (haojue usr125 and afr125 are different from uy uE)

Novices want to buy scooters. What's the difference between Haojue users and AFR125? How to choose?

This is a question left by a cyclist backstage. His description is like a title.

For Haojue powder, these two cars are really a bit difficult to choose. Because USR125 is the first in the word-of-mouth list of scooters, and AFR125 is the first in the popularity list, when these two cars come together, it is a bit like a fairy fight.

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But objectively speaking, whether it is popularity index or word-of-mouth evaluation, it is a relatively empty thing. The performance of both can only show that these two cars are paid more attention by riders, so it is only a reference suggestion when we choose motorcycles, not the only standard.

If you want to choose one of these two models that is more suitable for you, you must find out the differences between them, explore their advantages and disadvantages, and then integrate some personalized needs, so the so-called difficulty in choosing or the incomparable entanglement will easily disappear.

Haojue AFR125 is currently priced at 10680

Haojue USR125 is currently priced at 8780.

1. Model price. First of all, there is a big gap between the prices of these two models. Maybe some motorists will say it's just a few hundred dollars. But for these practical scooters, a few hundred dollars can decide their fate, so the difference in price has actually set a fortress for these two cars to avoid killing each other.

2. In terms of appearance, the appearance of these two cars just represents Haojue's attitude towards the scooter market. USR125 is a highly original model with great emphasis on balance and line beauty. And AFR125 has a very obvious imitation trace, which may also be a kind of helplessness for Haojue to compromise the market demand, and at the same time it is a bit too eager for quick success. But as far as their appearance settings are concerned, they are relatively attractive, depending on who individuals prefer.

3. Power performance, these two cars are the same displacement models of the same brand, so there is no gap in theory. It turns out that because they are equipped with the same engine on the same platform, the performance difference can be ignored. Therefore, there is no difference between USR and AFR.

However, it is necessary to introduce this engine to novice motorcycle riders. It is a brand-new model independently developed by Haojue, and riders say that it is the early GY6 of magic change. However, judging from its running quality and performance, this engine is still quite awesome in the same displacement model, which can completely compete with related models of joint venture brands. That is to say, this engine is reliable and can be used with confidence.

4. Basic configuration, although these two cars belong to Haojue's high-end access scooters in terms of vehicle positioning, USR125 emphasizes its exquisite workmanship and reliable quality, and does not work hard on configuration. The AFR125 has changed obviously, for example, it incorporates a more practical brake linkage, which is one of the reasons for the higher price of this car.

5. Body structure. Although the structures of these two cars are compact, the wheelbase of AFR125 has been optimized to 1300mm, which means that the whole car will be slightly larger than USR125 and weigh 10 kg, but other than that, the seat height, fuel tank volume or wheel hub diameter have not changed. This slight difference means that AFR125 will have more space.

6. Riding performance, the riding difference here will mainly reflect the handling of the vehicle. According to the feedback from riders, USR125 will be slightly better than AFR125, which is mainly due to the difference in frame structure, but some novices may not feel this difference, and it will not affect the riding use, but their personal feelings are different.

Through the above introduction, we can see that two scooters with different names are owned by Haojue. The biggest difference between USR125 and AFR125 is mainly reflected in the appearance, configuration, structure and riding feeling.

So how should we choose under such a difference? If I had to choose, I would not hesitate to choose USR125, because the performance of this car just meets my demand for this kind of small pedal. It has a recognizable appearance, ideal riding and low price. As for you in front of the screen, you have to choose according to your personal needs.

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