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How much is Toyota Tacoma used car (second-hand Toyota Tacoma transfer)

Look at the manual shift of 4.0. I only knew that there was a manual shift of 2.7, and it was five-speed. Why does a 4.0 suddenly come out or is it manual? What version is this? The manual gear also has a constant speed cruise, which is really poison. In 2007, the car can still sell for 300 thousand, and the price is firm enough, and the rate of preservation is really ok.

It's really rare to see the manual six-speed. This manual six-speed plus 4.0 displacement has indeed been equipped on the flush joint of the car.

This kind of steering wheel with buttons seems to be only equipped with VXN.

The 1 gram engine is equipped with a manual 6-speed gearbox, which has been seen in online articles.

Brother David also had a manual FJ.

There is also a 3.5 manual six-speed Toyota pickup truck, Tacoma, which is relatively rare. I wonder if the engine assembly is 2GR? Who knows this? Welcome to popular science.

Look at this pickup truck. I don't know the details. I know that Toyota's pickup truck is hilux and smooth. I don't know if Tacoma is between these two cars.

Look, this is a manual five-speed LC120. It also has a constant-speed cruise.

Manual five-speed LC120, without cruise control.

2700, the manual transmission is also 5 speeds.

The LC150 also has a manual shift.

It's so fresh. Do you have a 3.0 manual transmission? It is said that LC120 has diesel oil, which is really novel.

Can overbearing LC120 really manage money? Looking back at the VX sold by David, the price of the car has really increased in the past four years.

Help a friend find the used car market in Huaxiang, turn around LC120, and the price has really increased since June 1st.

In the post-1960 era, I came to Asia in July 2020, but I didn't see an LC120.

In 2007, LC120 cost 40+, which is really a hedge against the sky.

Help a friend see an LC120, and hesitate to advise him to start.

Let's take a look at the LC120 that 30 yuan also delivers.

"Toyota LC120"

Toyota Landing Craft series models.

Go to Huaxiang to see Toyota cars.

Go to the used car market in Xinfadi early.

Come to Xinfadi and Yashi to see Toyota cars.

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