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Toyota price list (Toyota price list)

The momentum of China brand car companies in the field of new energy is indeed strong enough, and hybrid models are no exception. It is just around the corner to get rid of users' dependence on Japanese hybrid models. No matter how much your car purchase budget is, you can find your favorite car model. It's only after looking back that you find that the "great powers" are actually yourself. If you happen to have plans to buy hybrid sport utility vehicles, don't miss this article. They are all representative models.

The cheapest hybrid SUV-Wuling Star Hybrid Edition

Manufacturer's guide price: 99,800-109,800 yuan

100,000 yuan for a hybrid sport utility vehicle is not difficult for China brand car companies. "What people need, Wuling will build" is no joke. The hybrid version of Wuling Star can be bought for 99,800 yuan! The design is rich in modern style, and with the help of Mo Landi's color matching, it is even more fashionable and avant-garde. Although Wuling started from "micro-surface", it is not cheap in modeling. In terms of external configuration, the low-profile model is slightly thin, and it is recommended to match the top.

The interior style is consistent with the appearance, and the materials are unambiguous, even with a little sense of advanced. In terms of configuration, the low-profile car can only meet the needs of daily car use. If you want to have a better car experience, I personally suggest starting with the top-profile car. The price is 10,000 yuan, and you can get LED headlights, intelligent car system, electric sunroof, 360 panoramic image, front head airbag and other configurations.

Walking ability is the key point of star hybrid. The hybrid system composed of 2.0L engine and motor has a structure of P1+P3. The former can assist the engine torque output, while the latter can drive the vehicle independently. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 5.7L/100km. In addition, in addition to the first electromagnetic DHT gearbox, the rear suspension has been upgraded to a four-wheel independent suspension, which is very rare in price. Friends who have a limited budget and want to buy a hybrid SUV can choose it and won't let you down.

Face Value and Performance "Double Flying" —— Harvard Red Rabbit DHT

Manufacturer's guide price: 138,800 yuan

"Lyu3 bu4 among people, a red rabbit in a horse" shows how confident manufacturers are in their products. Based on the Great Wall Lemon Platform, Red Rabbit DHT is positioned as a compact SUV, which is considered as a smaller category in this category, and its size is close to that of hackers and Fenglanda. However, the red rabbit DHT is not harmless to people and animals, with a little sharpness and performance. Especially at the rear of the car, the huge spoiler and the wide fender are evidence, but the exhaust is a hidden design, which is slightly implicit.

Jumping out of Harvard's old-fashioned design concept, the red rabbit family as a whole is more refreshing, which is attributed to the asymmetric layout. The design is young and the materials are not cheap, which is enough for a model with more than 100,000 yuan. The combination of 7-inch LCD instrument and 12.3-inch touch screen is mainstream in hardware and function. There is no problem with the configuration performance for daily use. If you want a comprehensive car experience, the optional space of Red Rabbit is still very large.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5L engine, and the transmission system is matched with a 2-speed DHT hybrid gearbox. The comprehensive power of the system is 140kw and the comprehensive torque is 370 N m. The parameters are completely sufficient for an entry-level compact SUV. The core of this hybrid system is the 2-speed DHT, which can improve the acceleration ability at medium and high speed, reduce the fuel consumption at high speed cruising, and the most important thing is not to feel the switching between its modes. The comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 5.15L/100km. In terms of chassis, four-wheel independent suspension is adopted, which helps to improve the comfort of the vehicle. If you have high requirements for the face value of hybrid models, you may wish to consider the Red Rabbit DHT.

Is it still waiting for the hybrid CR-V? —— Geely Bo Yue L mixed version

Manufacturer's guide price: 155,700-170,700 yuan.

Bo Yue's popularity is no less than Haval H6. It has been 8 years since the real car map was exposed. During this period, Bo Yue has evolved from Bo Yue to Bo Yue Pro and Bo Yue X, which has always brought surprises to users. This time, the surprise is even bigger. I don't want to say anything about myself, but I also have a full lead in technology. It is hard to believe that this is Geely's product in design, and it can only be described boldly. Except for the logo, there is almost no relationship with Bo Yue before, and the size is also improved in an all-round way. The compact SUV has a wheelbase of 2777 mm.

The interior part can be said to be both familiar and unfamiliar. Is the overall layout similar to that of a German luxury brand? It is strange to say that this design is the first time I have seen it on Geely models. Compared with the dual screen and the suspended large screen, it is more fresh, and the workmanship and materials are particularly excellent, and it does not lose luxury brands of the same class. Regarding the configuration, it is not high in the same price. Of course, it is also easy to understand that the cost of the power system is high.

Bo Yue L Hybrid is based on CMA architecture, equipped with Raytheon hybrid system, which is composed of a 1.5T engine and a 3-speed DHT gearbox. It has strong power and can take good care of fuel consumption. The comprehensive power of the whole system is 180kW, the peak torque is as high as 545N·m, and the fuel consumption under WLTC condition is only 4.7L/100km. For friends who have requirements for space and luxury, Bo Yue L mixed version is worth considering. If the appearance is too radical, you can also choose Xing Yue L mixed version.

Toyota Hybrid Technology Blessing-Chuanqi GS8 Hybrid Edition

Manufacturer's guide price: 228,800-269,800 yuan.

Chuanqi GS8 has many highlights, such as domineering appearance and exquisite interior design, and the most exciting thing is that it is equipped with Toyota's hybrid system, which is considered to be its unique advantage. The overall design continues the tough and masculine American style, but it also adds an oriental delicacy. The block head is also quite enough. The length of the car is over 5 meters and the wheelbase is over 2 meters. There are 6/7 seats to choose from.

The interior design is similar to that of new energy vehicles. A large screen can solve all problems, and there is not much novelty. Convenience varies from person to person. I think its AR-HUD is more interesting. It uses DLP technology, which has high color reproduction and can be clearly displayed under direct strong light, and is not affected by polarized sunglasses. In addition, there is another advantage of adopting Toyota's hybrid system. The battery pack is very small and can be stuffed under the rear seat without affecting the trunk space.

In the power part, we use our own 2.0T engine+Toyota's fourth generation THS hybrid power system. The thermal efficiency of the engine reaches 40.23%, the maximum power is 140kW, and the maximum torque is 320N·m;; The maximum power of the motor is 134kW and the maximum torque is 270 N m. In addition, four-wheel drive models are available. The fuel consumption of NDEC is 5.3L and 5.8L/100km respectively. If you have a demand for 6/7 seats and have sufficient budget, you can study Chuanqi GS8 hybrid version.

Write at the end:

Of course, the hybrid SUVs released last year are far more than the above-mentioned models. They are only representative and cover the more mainstream car purchase budget range. In addition to these models, there are many models worthy of attention, such as the Haval H6 hybrid version, the national car; Lingke 01 mixed version, more suitable for petty bourgeoisie; Dongfeng fengshen Hao Ji hybrid version, a car to meet the needs of the whole family, they are also good, you can choose as needed. Through them, we can still see the rapid development of China's automobile industry. Nowadays, you don't have to choose a joint venture to buy a car.

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