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Haojue usr125 2021 (what's the difference between high-end and low-end models of Haojue usr1252021)

Haojue's investment in scooter system has also been tilted recently. After launching a series of new cars such as UHR150, the entry-level pedal USR125 has been quietly updated recently, and the price of the optimized new car has increased by 600 yuan.

Haojue's new pedal has been changed in two parts. The first and most obvious part is the headlight on the front face. The headlight group of the new model has been upgraded from halogen bulb to LED light source, and the new headlight has adopted the popular upper and lower layered design.

Another change of the new USR125 is the front storage box, which has been changed from the traditional locked design in the past to the mainstream open scheme, and a universal serial bus charging port has also been added. The display part of the instrument has also been optimized, and the original temperature display place has been adjusted to a more practical time display.

The appearance of the new car is also a little different from before. A guardrail is added around the new car, and the color of the anti-ironing cover at the exhaust tail section is changed from silver to black. The other is the difference in the name of the car. The new model is added with the words "Best", indicating that this is an upgraded version.

The configuration of USR 125 has not changed, and it is still equipped with a 124cc single-cylinder air-cooled letter S engine. The maximum power and torque are 6.6 kW and 10 Nm respectively. The curb weight is 110KG, the seat height is 740 mm, and the fuel tank capacity is 6.5 liters.

The listing price of Haojue USR125 PRIME is 9380 yuan.

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