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Bluetooth remote control (Bluetooth remote control)

With the rapid development of smart phones in recent years, smart phones have become an essential item in our daily life. Although the configuration and functions of mobile phones are getting stronger and stronger now, which brings a lot of convenience to our lives, it is indeed difficult for the elderly to use them. If the children are around, it is easy to say that they can also hold hands with professors when they encounter problems; If you are far away from home, it is still difficult to help the elderly solve the problem only through voice or video remote command.

But recently, I found a little thing: Sunflower UUPro, which is small in size and supports Bluetooth connection, so that the mobile phone can be remotely controlled without ROOT, so that even if we are not around our parents, we can teach them to use the mobile phone remotely. What is the actual experience? Let me take you to learn more about it.

The packaging design of Sunflower UUPro is simple, with black-gray paper packaging box, sunflower logo printed on the front, and product parameter introduction on the back. From the packaging box, we can know that the product volume is really small.

Let's see what's in the box again. In addition to the Sunflower UUPro host, there are also a warm reminder card, instructions and a charging cable. The charging cable uses the same Type-C interface as the mobile phone, so you don't have to bring a charging cable separately when you go out.

Sunflower UUPro is square in shape and simple in design, which gives me the first impression that it is small. The product size is 45*45*10mm, and the weight of the whole machine is only 40g, so it is very convenient to place or carry around.

Sunflower UUPro front is only printed with sunflower logo in the middle position, and the surface is frosted, which has a delicate and comfortable touch and is not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints.

There is a round button on the right side of the fuselage. Short press is to turn on, double click is to turn off, and long press for 5 seconds is to reset. It is still very easy to operate.

At the top of the fuselage is a charging interface, which adopts Type-C interface, so it is more convenient to use without distinguishing between forward and reverse insertion, and supports charging while using. Users can freely choose battery power supply or charging cable power supply as needed.

Sunflower UUPro also has an LED indicator light at the top of the fuselage, which can be used to know the operation of the equipment according to the status of the indicator light. When the device starts/waits for Bluetooth, the blue light flashes slowly when the device is connected to the mobile phone, the white light is always on when the device is normally connected to the mobile phone, the green light is always on when the device is charging, and the green light flashes when the device is low in battery.

The design of the back of Sunflower UUPro is also very simple, with product parameter information printed in the middle, in which the maximum charging current is 5V1A, which needs a little attention, and an arc-shaped projection is added at the edge position, which can make the equipment placed more firmly.

The usage of Sunflower UUPro is very simple. After the device is turned on, turn on Bluetooth on the mobile phone, and find the device named "UUPro_3bc" for automatic pairing connection. You also need to install "Sunflower Client" on the controlled mobile phone, and then carry out authorization operation according to the system prompt, so that you can remotely control this machine through Sunflower UUPro.

Through the "remote control function", you can enter the "UUPro" main interface, you can check the remaining power of the equipment and perform setting operations, and support "touch mode" and "pointer mode". You can choose according to your needs. If you use a mobile phone for remote control, it is more convenient to use "touch mode".

Let's take a look at what we can do with Sunflower UUPro. Through the mobile phone with the "Sunflower Remote Control" APP, we can perform remote desktop client, desktop viewing, camera viewing and remote file transfer, which are all practical functions. Let me take you to the actual experience.

In the main interface of "Sunflower Remote Control", we can remotely check whether the equipment is online or not, and we can also quickly call the host functions and setup operations. Of course, if the controlled mobile phone supports the function of "auxiliary remote control mobile phone", it can be remotely controlled even without connecting the sunflower UUPro, but the stability is definitely not as good as using UUPro.

Let's take a look at the remote "desktop control" function. After the accused mobile phone is connected to UUPro, we can remotely control it through the mobile phone/computer. We can not only perform basic operations such as screen clicking and sliding, but also open the application. It can be said that basically what you can do on the original mobile phone can also be realized through remote control. Through the actual experience, the response of the screen will be obviously delayed, but it will not affect the normal operation. Through the remote control function, even if we are not around at ordinary times, we can easily teach our parents to use mobile phones, which is indeed more convenient than operating by phone or video.

The "Desktop View" function means that you can remotely view the contents of the accused mobile phone screen. If you have Xiong Haizi at home, this function is actually very good. Even if the parents are not at home, you can check whether the children are playing games on their mobile phones again, and you can remind or stop them in time.

Of course, in fact, Sunflower UUPro is not designed for the elderly, but also helpful for daily work. Put it in the office and connect the mobile phone in advance, so that even if you occasionally forget to bring your mobile phone home, you can download the files in your mobile phone remotely through the "remote file" function and continue to finish your work at home.

Through the actual test, the transmission speed of uploading files can reach 1.7MB/S at the highest, which is ok. Usually, it is enough to transmit files. Of course, the transmission speed is related to the network environment where the accused mobile phone is located, and it is not fixed. The broadband bandwidth of my home is 300M, which is for your reference only.

Generally speaking, Sunflower UUPro is simple and compact in appearance, which is convenient for both fixed placement and carrying. It is practical to remotely control devices without ROOT permission, especially to remotely control iOS devices, which is not limited by the system and is more flexible to use. If the elderly in your family often encounter problems with the use of mobile phones, you can still consider equipping a sunflower UUPro at home. After all, the price of 100 yuan is not high, and it is really convenient to use. Recently, the official store is engaged in 618 preferential activities, such as spikes, straight drops, large subsidies, free tickets for members, etc., plus the red envelope allowance for e-commerce platforms, the preferential intensity is still quite large, so don't miss it for fancy friends.

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