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Top ten brands of hydrogen and oxygen machines (Top ten brands of hydrogen and oxygen machines)

Hydrogen is a new medical gas, which has been proved to have therapeutic effects on animal models of diseases and human clinical diseases. The effects of hydrogen mainly include antioxidation, anti-apoptosis and anti-inflammation.

Hydrogen can be ingested by drinking hydrogen water, absorbing hydrogen, soaking in a bath, etc. Hydrogen-oxygen machine is a machine that produces hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzing water. With the gradual recognition of hydrogen medicine, more and more brands of hydrogen-oxygen machine emerge in the market. So what are the top ten brands of hydrogen and oxygen machines?

Top1: Yijian

Reason for listing:

1. The enterprise has strong strength and core hydrogen production technology.

Large-scale high-tech group enterprises that have been deeply involved in the big health industry for 15 years have successively participated in hydrogen energy enterprises-Tianjin Jinmei Hydrogen Source Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Sunshine New Line Technology Development Co., Ltd., making independent innovations and building core technical barriers.

The only original brand in the industry with canned water plant, power circuit design of hydrogen generator, hydrogen water station, hydrogen water generator and hydrogen oxygen generator production and assembly workshop, hydrogen oxygen generator products are complete, including 900ml/min, 1800ml/min and 3000ml/min.

Complete certificate: It is the only enterprise in the industry that has the business record, 3C certification, wading certificate and export record of the second class medical devices. It is a good product that can stand the test of time. In the same industry, it took the lead in obtaining the inspection reports of international CE EU safety system certification, FCC American quality and safety system certification, PSE Japanese safety certification, WEEE American environmental protection certification and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Second, electrolytic hydrogen production technology is leading the world.

Yijian adopts the leading high-concentration electrolytic hydrogen generation technology-SPE hydrogen-oxygen separation electrolysis technology, which is efficient electrolysis. The electrode membrane material is DuPont proton membrane imported from the United States+high-purity platinum coating, which generates enough hydrogen, so it can better ensure the purity and concentration of hydrogen and has a long service life. It is the most mainstream core technology in the current hydrogen absorber industry.

Dominant flow: the output flow is sufficient, and the actual hydrogen flow is consistent with or even higher than the advertised hydrogen flow; Strong stability: on the one hand, the hydrogen output flow and purity remain unchanged, on the other hand, the product performance is stable and there is no quality problem; Break through the technical bottleneck and do not need to configure the humidifying bottle. . Long service life: it can be used for more than 10000 hours. ; Simple operation and maintenance, safe use, high efficiency and no noise; Having the positive energy of the spokesperson empowers the brand value.

Three, 7x24 perfect service, lifelong after-sales.

Yijian adheres to the enterprise philosophy of "hydrogen assets, health", stresses quality and ingenuity everywhere, implements the production line, and refuses to use materials or parts harmful to human body. Equipment to provide 12000 hours of non-human reasons, free replacement service; Provide cutting-edge products and new speed-continuously broaden the length, width and depth of Yijian series hydrogen health products; Provide the most perfect after-sales service, quality assurance, one-year warranty and lifelong after-sales.

Top2: Nano Barber

Founded in 2014, it focuses on the technical development and industrialization of hydrogen molecular biotransformation application products with nano-bubble technology.

Top3: Other brands: Hydrogen Eagle, Duckling, Advisor, etc.

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