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The latest price of Tesla Motors 2022 (comparison of the latest price of Tesla Motors 2022)

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According to the news of Tesla Weibo on April 3rd, Tesla announced the launch of a new charging product, Cybervault. One machine can be used for two purposes, which can be charged at home and carried.

According to Tesla official website, this new product can be recharged at home at any time. Just like charging a mobile phone, just connect your Tesla vehicle to the power supply at night and wake up the next morning with full charge.

Tesla CyberVault charging pile is tailor-made for China market, weighing 13kg. Its modeling adopts Cybertruck design language, and its products are integrated to protect the outer box and charging equipment to meet customers' demands for safety, economy, beauty and durability.

Tesla CyberVault charging pile is a single-phase 220V charging device.

It is compatible with all Tesla models, and the corresponding charging performance is 32A/7KW.

The length of that char gun line is 6 meters,

Support plug-and-play charging, regular charging/starting on time and other charging experiences.

* Tesla CyberVault charging pile supports one machine with two functions: the charger main body is removed from the outer box, and a special adapter can be purchased to expand it into a mobile charging connector.

After purchase, you will get: Tesla CyberVault charging pile, cable within 30 meters * and its foundation construction, construction scheme design and quotation. ......

It is worth mentioning that, according to the Securities Times reported on March 23, recently, Huawei's super-filled piles were exposed on the Internet, and some netizens released a set of real photos of 600kW super-filled piles independently developed and produced by Huawei. As can be seen from the nameplate information, the manufacturer of the super-charged pile is Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the charging pile model is DT600L1-CNA1, the output voltage range is 200-1000V, the maximum output current is 600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW.

The corresponding information can also be found in Huawei official website. It can be seen that the charging pile is officially named "FusionCharge" and its overall structure is liquid-cooled.

How powerful can the output power of 600kW be? If the charging pile is applied, it only takes 10 minutes to charge 100 kWh, and the charging efficiency is greatly improved. For example, if the battery capacity of the M5 battery is less than 80 kWh, it can be fully charged in less than 10 minutes if it can keep the power at 600kW. Of course, it is difficult to keep the highest output power in practical use, and most cars can't accept such a large power at present.

As early as last March, at the China committee of 100 Forum on Electric Vehicles, Huawei Digital Energy revealed the development route of the high-voltage charging platform: it is expected that a high-voltage fast charging scheme with a voltage of 1,000 V and a power of 600kW will be launched by 2025. At the WNEVC 2022 conference held in August 2022, when Huawei released the full-stack high-voltage solution in 800V power domain, it also announced that it would launch charging piles based on the "kilovolt" voltage platform in the future.

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