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Toyota Tacoma 2017 Price (Toyota Tacoma 2017 Price Picture)

In North America, pickup trucks for home life are generally large pickup trucks, such as Ford's F-series, Toyota's Smooth Road, GM's Chevrolet Colorado, Dodge's Ram and so on. Small and medium-sized pickup trucks are basically used for fun, such as Toyota's Tacoma, Nissan's marginal people, and so on. Since it is a fun car, it requires not only good comfort, but also strong off-road performance. In this regard, TACOMA has always been the leading model in North America. Look at the major cross-country events in North America and the awards of various outdoor magazines, and you can feel the popularity of TACOMA.

In recent years, with the constant change of consumers' hobbies, higher requirements have been put forward for comfort and off-road performance. After two years of careful research and preparation, Toyota has solemnly launched a special TACOMA TRD PRO model, which has been enthusiastically sought after in North America since its launch. Let's take a look at the charm of this off-road artifact.

Appearance with strong visual impact

Black painted hood air intake, large black wheel eyebrows, projection beam headlights in the black sports baffle and rear taillights of the black baffle complement each other, oversized TOYOTA logo black air intake grille, solid integrated packaged LED fog lights, solid structure and wide-angle beam to ensure that you have enough brightness when you need it. The 16-inch TRD has customized black wheels. The enhanced Goodyear Wrangler? all-terrain tires and the TRD PRO logo that shows the identity make TACOMA TRD PRO recognized at a glance in the vast traffic: Look, that bad boy is there!

Luxurious, fashionable and comfortable interior

TRD exclusive advanced perforated leather seat, with heating and multidirectional electric adjustment, headrest with raised TRD PRO embroidery logo, TRD exclusive leather gear lever, TRD exclusive custom foot pad, original GoPro? sports camera on windshield, so that you and your partners can share beautiful things anytime and anywhere.

TACOMA TRD PRO is really powerful in suspension and off-road equipment.

Combining comfort with strong off-road ability is a very extreme thing for any car factory and technical engineer. TACOMA TRD PRO's suspension is a built-in multi-channel damping system with patented technology provided by FOX and specially adjusted by TRD, which brings you ultimate comfort and control. The core of this suspension system is the balance between high-speed comfort and strong off-road ability. The shock absorber has a 2.5-inch hard aluminum alloy barrel, an oversized shock absorber shaft and a remote gas cylinder at the back. More importantly, this sturdy system helps to provide more ground clearance, increase suspension stroke and maximize damping.

Real off-road enthusiasts know that the Toyota TRD professional series is a truly reloaded off-road vehicle, and it is by no means a fussy bitch. In addition to Fox's built-in multi-channel shock absorption system, there are many highlights of off-road equipment.

  • TRD tuned front spring and 1-inch elevator trd TRD produced and adjusted one-inch raised front coil spring.

  • TRD-adjusted rear suspension with progressive off-road leaf spring trd TRD production adjustment.

  • TRD TRD cat back stainless steel exhaust system cat back stainless steel exhaust system

  • 16-inch TRD black alloy wheel, matched with Goodyear herdsman all-terrain Kevlar reinforced tire 16-inch TRD black alloy wheel and Goodyear herdsman all-terrain reinforced tire.

  • TRD professional aluminum front slide plate TRD professional aluminum alloy hard chassis guard plate

The challenges of the Arctic Circle,

The Arctic Circle is very cold. The Tacoma TRD major crossed the desolate, 414-mile-long line in Dalton, Alaska, where the temperature was far below zero, crossed the Arctic Circle and ended in the Arctic Ocean. Other vehicles in the same industry needed winches, heating equipment and other auxiliary equipment. On this trip, the Tacoma TRD major was effortless, and the only thing we added was gasoline.

In 2017, Toyota Tacoma set a new off-road benchmark. This pickup truck not only has an aggressive appearance, but also advanced off-road technology and heavy off-road equipment make it easy to enter places where others dare not set foot. Powerful and efficient V6 engine, powerful dragging ability, take you to places that can't be found on the map, and send you home safely. Superior comfort and technology can ensure that you feel refreshed during the arduous expedition. It's time to show your wild side. Let's drive Tacoma TRD to the wild together!

Remarks: There are only three professional appearance colors of 2017 Tacoma TRD: Barcelona red, cement gray and super white.

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