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Tiggo Seven Test Drive Video Fat Brother (Latest Tiggo Seven Test Drive Video)

Recently, we obtained a set of fake spy photos of Chery's new Tiggo 8 from relevant channels. The new car will lengthen the body size and provide five-seat and seven-seat seating layouts.

In appearance, as a mid-term redesigned model, the new car retains the current design as a whole, but the front face has been adjusted. The front air intake grille has a larger design, and the interior is decorated with black and chrome. The interior shape of the headlights has also been adjusted to some extent, and in addition, the running water turn signal and the headlight follow-up steering function will be provided. The configuration will also be upgraded, equipped with sleeping headrest, 9 airbags, shift paddles and so on. In the power part, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T and 1.6T engines, of which 1.5T matches the 6DCT gearbox and 1.6T matches the 7DCT gearbox.

Summary: The configuration of the new Tiggo 8 will be significantly improved. Considering the larger body size, the new car can have a more obvious gap with the Tiggo 7, and more markets will be reserved for the Tiggo 7.

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