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Tesla Motors 2023 latest price picture video explanation download (Tesla 2020 new model 3 price)

With Musk around, Tesla wouldn't just build cars and sell cars. To be precise, Tesla didn't want to build cars and sell cars from the beginning. Tesla's slogan at the beginning of its establishment was "Accelerate the transformation of the world to sustainable energy". Whether it is the first chapter of the secret grand plan in 2006 or the second chapter of the secret grand plan in 2016, it is the practice of this slogan.

In the third chapter of the secret grand plan released on today's Tesla investor activity day, its core theme remains unchanged, or accelerating the transformation of the world to sustainable energy. But the difference is that this goal is ambitious, even so big that people will feel that this is an unrealistic crazy plan.

Because Tesla wants to destroy fossil energy ...

Madman Musk and its Tesla

There is no doubt that Musk is a madman. He can find the qualities of an elite, but he can also find the derogatory character in the eyes of ordinary people, such as madness, recklessness and impulsiveness like an addict.

But it is undeniable that Musk is indeed a rare entrepreneur, and his appearance seems to be to break the tradition. From the creation of PayPal, the creation of spaceX, and the entry into Tesla, every big project of Musk is subverting tradition and breaking the cage called "historical inertia".

In particular, Tesla, which has the deepest influence on us, is not polite to say that Tesla has made a lot of contributions to the booming domestic new energy market. Whether it is the demonstration role of new energy vehicles in the early stage of development or the catfish role in the middle stage of development, Tesla has a strong presence in China today.

Anyone who can use electricity should not use fossil energy.

On the activity day, Musk said that the energy economy of the society is polluted and wasted. Now more than 80% of the global energy comes from fossil fuels, but its utilization rate is very low, only one third, and the rest is dissipated in the air in the form of waste heat. Energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy are clean and sustainable energy sources.

In order to change the status quo and make the earth realize the road of sustainable energy, Tesla has made a long-term plan for 10-20 years to gradually replace fossil energy.

First, the first step is to use renewable energy to supply power to the power grid, adjust the balance between electricity consumption and power generation through 24TWh fixed energy storage batteries, and use solar energy and wind energy to achieve 10TW power generation, thus reducing the use of fossil energy by 35%.

The second step is to fully transform into electric vehicles, so that more consumers can switch from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. To this end, Tesla plans to finally achieve the annual output target of 20 million units and reduce the use of fossil energy by 21%. As for how to achieve the goal of an annual output of 20 million vehicles, we will continue to elaborate in the next part.

The third step is to promote the use of heat pumps in families, enterprises and industries to replace the traditional PTC. For example, many water heaters and air conditioners at home use PTC for heating, that is, resistance heating, which is inefficient. The essence of heat pump is to generate heat by carrying heat, so it can generate heat several times as much as energy consumption. By using heat pumps, Tesla is expected to reduce the use of fossil energy by 22%.

The fourth step is to use sustainable energy instead of traditional energy in heavy industry, such as steel-making industry that needs high temperature and high heat, to reduce the use of fossil fuels by 17%.

The fifth step is to let airplanes and ships use sustainable energy to reduce the use of fossil energy by 5%.

To sum up, Tesla hopes to produce clean and sustainable secondary energy or even tertiary energy through solar energy and wind energy, and apply it to people's livelihood and industry in society, so that society can get rid of its dependence on fossil energy and let the earth embark on the road of comprehensive utilization of renewable energy.

Of course, compared with the name "plan", these operations and goals mentioned by Tesla in the third chapter of the secret grand plan are more like Tesla's vision of the future energy structure, because these goals are somewhat unrealistic, and Tesla must be well aware of this.

However, Tesla will stick to the path of sustainable development and attract others to the same path. For example, Tesla will open its charging network to third-party vehicles, which means that non-Tesla owners can also enjoy more than 40,000 Tesla charging piles operating in 46 countries, and the convenience of recharging will further increase. In terms of clean energy utilization and energy storage, Tesla also achieved 100MW solar power deployment and 2462MWh energy storage system in the fourth quarter of last year.

Considering Tesla's appeal and influence, although the author is skeptical that the third chapter of Tesla's secret grand plan can be fully realized in the future, I also believe that this will become the future development mode.

180,000 to buy Model 3 is not a dream.

As a part of realizing the secret grand plan, another major content of the activity day is the improvement of production mode, technology and technology. The ultimate goal of improvement is to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

For example, in the change of production line, Tesla will adopt one-time assembly technology to change the original serial production line into serial+parallel production line to increase automatic production.

At present, the way of assembling vehicles is to proceed together according to the priority of the process, and the next step will be carried out after this process or assembly is completed. Generally speaking, the car body structure is assembled and painted, and then the interior, power unit, front and rear axle suspension and so on are assembled. In recent decades, although this mode of production has been slightly improved, it has not changed in general.

Tesla, on the other hand, does not take the usual road. What it has to do is to disrupt this order and disassemble the body into several different parts for assembly in the next generation platform model manufacturing. According to the pictures displayed by Tesla, the four doors and two covers, the front panel and the front engine room components, the rear panel and the rear engine room components, the battery and the front seat, and the left and right frames of the car body are all assembled or processed separately, and then the assembled parts are spliced like building blocks.

In this way, more workers can participate in the vehicle assembly process at the same time, thus achieving 44% increase in production line operation density and 30% increase in space utilization and efficiency. And this will eventually lead to a 50% increase in economic benefits and a 50% reduction in factory area.

In addition to the optimization on the production line, Tesla will continue to optimize various components, and reduce the cost and weight and increase the energy consumption by using alternative resources and increasing the proportion of self-research, thus reducing the use of different resources by Tesla models. For example, compared with the early Model S, Model 3 reduces the use of body cables by using the body domain processor, and the total cable length is reduced from 3km of Model S to 1.5km of Model 3, and then to 100m of Model Y..

From 2017 to 2021, the central control screen technology of Model 3 and Model Y has also been continuously improved, with the cost reduced by 24%, the weight reduced by 0.2kg, and the energy consumption reduced to 18 W. More importantly, the above data will continue to decline in 2023.

In addition, in the next generation of motor production, Tesla will no longer use rare earth resources, reducing the manufacturing cost of the motor while maintaining the high efficiency of the motor.

To put it simply, Tesla reduces vehicle production costs, improves production efficiency and increases production income through various anti-traditional operations. This is one of the ways to achieve the aforementioned Tesla annual output target of 20 million units, to obtain more output per unit area, and at the same time to reduce production costs so as to attract consumers to buy at a lower price.

If it can be realized smoothly, it is really not a dream to buy Model 3 for 180,000 yuan.

Summary: Fossil energy is essential for today's society, and it can even be said that the foundation of today's civilization is fossil energy. To some extent, what Tesla wants to do is change, and it is an unprecedented feat to replace fossil energy by using renewable energy on a large scale to carry out social livelihood and production activities.

Of course, this goal is extremely difficult to achieve and has nothing to do with consumers in a short time. For consumers, it is more important to be able to buy a cheaper Tesla, or to use Tesla to knock down the prices of other car companies. Therefore, we are still looking forward to the 180,000 Model 3, which is what ordinary consumers are most concerned about.

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