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Bluetooth remote control software (Bluetooth remote control app)

I. Preface

Why do you want to introduce the collection of remote control software?

For the friends who need to work remotely at home or temporarily, it is undoubtedly very important to choose a good remote control application; This situation is more or less encountered in daily work and life. Operating the information on other devices across computers and systems through remote applications can not only help deal with matters in time to solve problems, but also avoid commuting.

Information technology personnel like me, who often deal with computers, are relatively more experienced in using such tools. This paper gives you a brief introduction to common usage scenarios and product logic, and explains five remote control software that can be easily used by 0-based Xiaobai respectively.

Learn to use it skillfully and improve efficiency. Even if you suddenly work overtime in the future, you can take a mobile phone /Ipad and go out for dinner. Remote operation can achieve both work and life.

Second, QQ

Everyone is familiar with QQ, a well-known domestic application, which has been developed for 20 years, and is basically used by three generations, covering a wide range of users and equipment. Among them, not only social communication function, but also remote desktop can directly control other devices. The operation is very simple. After Tencent QQ is enabled, click on the top right corner of the computer-side dialogue page-select the computer icon style to initiate the operation of controlling the other party's computer or letting the other party control the equipment they are currently using; The mobile phone can select the sharing screen in the bottom function bar, and then you can see the target interface.

There is no time limit for remote assistance. In principle, after acceptance, as long as one party does not actively quit the mode, it can always maintain the remote assistance status, but it is still a little easy to drop the line in practice. If you want to end the remote control, just click the end button in the function bar at the top of the desktop.

[Applicable scenario]

Although QQ remote connection is convenient and fast, its shortcomings are obvious, such as low image quality, limited operation, and someone in front of the equipment to be controlled and timely response to authorization control. If they are all their own devices, they can board their own size numbers at both ends to transmit and receive the accused invitation.

It is more suitable for temporary operations to help colleagues and classmates, such as helping loading and helping to modify the content, which can be done quickly; For those who occasionally need to help others handle matters across devices, QQ remote is very suitable as an emergency choice. While communicating and demonstrating on the same screen, some information gaps can be effectively avoided.

Iii. ToDesk

ToDesk, a domestic, professional remote control application, is easy to use and well-known, with an estimated user scale and equipment load of nearly 100 million. Ten devices around me use remote control, seven of which are mainly TD, which supports the mutual control of devices in five mainstream systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

The logic of connection control is very concise, and the operation teaching is also very clear and detailed. After opening ToDesk on each device, you can see the automatically generated device-specific code and temporary connection password in the main interface. Enter the double-code information on the device you want to control into the currently used device in turn, and click Connect to see and edit all the contents in the target device. The displayed contents are high-definition and highly restored, and the running experience is quite smooth.

Take the mobile phone to control the computer as an example, and input the code in the computer into the mobile phone. On the other hand, if the computer controls the mobile phone or several other computers, just input the connection codes of those devices into the corresponding positions in the ToDesk console of the computer at hand.

The connection password can be changed freely at any time, and the automatic update frequency can also be selected in the advanced settings. This mode, not only has a high connection safety factor, but also is fast, so that the collected equipment can be used directly next time, and even the equipment that is turned off can be enabled to wake up the connection by remote power-on, and up to 100 devices can be connected, which is especially suitable for people such as IT operation and maintenance.

As a professional remote control application, ToDesk has nearly 20 available functions and nine professional plug-in functions besides basic control. Such as remote file transfer, remote audio, remote printing, remote monitoring, privacy protection, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, game pad, virtual mouse, multi-virtual screen, graphics tablet and so on; I won't introduce them to you one by one here. For those who need high-frequency remote control, it is quite recommended to learn more and experience them.

In use, the synchronization of remote operation is very high, and all functions are still easy to use on the whole. The stability of the mobile phone-controlled computer is slightly insufficient, but the accuracy of the virtual mouse is very high, thus ensuring the ease of editing the contents of the computer remotely by mobile devices. The size and moving speed of the mouse can be customized and adjusted according to personal habits in the bottom function bar, and basically all operations restore the usage of the physical mouse.

When your finger lightly presses the bottom of the mouse, you can move the pointer freely, the left key is responsible for selecting and confirming, the right key brings up the function menu, and the top drag and drop can scroll the page up and down, left and right, and the middle button can be dragged after the four-way arrow appears, and even the web page can be closed with a single middle button. The usability is called off the charts.

Compared with the situation that the mobile phone-controlled computer is disconnected, the remote operation of the computer-controlled computer is much more mature, stable and easy to retrieve. Judging from various factors, personally, ToDesk is the strongest among several leading remote control products.

[Applicable scenario]

Because of its rich functions, it is also very extensible. ToDesk can be said to be a suitable choice for people who don't know numbers and old people, and professionals who are familiar with all kinds of equipment. It covers a wide range of people and scenes, and it is also very cool, stable and easy to use. For example, for regular telecommuting, helping relatives and friends to deal with mobile phone problems remotely, or for professional 3D modeling, design, game testing, operation and maintenance management and other useful high-performance equipment office groups, all the functions in this application can be realized.

Fourth, sunflowers

Sunflower remote control, national remote control application, software and hardware are all involved, and the development period is ten years earlier than ToDesk, but in terms of the development speed and recognition degree of products, I personally think that TD is a bit inferior. At present, in the domestic market, except TD, sunflowers are basically used, which is definitely an excellent remote software.

The mode of connection control is generally similar to TD, but slightly different. Sunflower PC has the way of accepting invited connection and scanning code to authorize connection to the controlled mobile terminal, which is more convenient than the situation of someone in front of the controlled equipment.

To control the PC with mobile devices, it is also necessary to load it on both the mobile phone and the computer, and the mobile phone should be registered and logged in first, which can be divided into four login methods: mobile phone number, Apple ID, WeChat and enterprise account number, and then the computer's identification code and verification code can be input to the mobile phone to connect remotely. It should be noted that if there is no operation after the connection, it will be disconnected and reconnected in a few minutes, and the connection stability needs to be strengthened.

There are many kinds of information and functions of sunflower. There are places to promote hardware in the interface of mobile phone and computer. From time to time, there will be pop-ups to remind you to check the newly promoted functions or hardware products. For novice users, there are also teaching centers that can check the operation that they don't understand. If they use it, the operation steps are very detailed, and all kinds of basic use problems are covered, and the product design is very meticulous and intimate.

In terms of functions, there are many sunflowers. Although the available functions are different under account permissions at different levels, in fact, the free version is basically enough for ordinary people to edit documents, but there is a speed limit, 300KB/S, and remote video games are not very good. I won't explain them one by one here. It's convenient to find an official consultation or post it for self-examination if you are interested.

In terms of experience, the definition of sunflower remote operation is very high, but the experience of controlling computer by mobile phone is not good, and it is necessary to log in with the same account, and the computer interface displayed by default basically needs to be scaled and adjusted again. When switching to landscape mode for text editing, it is found that the virtual keyboard occupies a large space, which will block most of the information. If you catch up with the user in a hurry or get stuck, you will be very upset.

The computer controls the operation of the computer, but it is often stuck. The navigation bar, which has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, lacks innovation, and basically lists all the functions in the same level. It's a bit uncomfortable to use ToDesk's concise and reusable sunflower. I think it's too much to see what I'm looking for at a glance. For beginners, I have to try it, and I feel a little inferior to competing products.

[Applicable scenario]

Sunflower has the way of accepting invitation to realize remote control by imitating QQ logic, which is very suitable for working together with colleagues at home and handling matters while meeting. It is not a big problem for individuals to work remotely with their own equipment, but it is basically only suitable for office scenes. If it is not appropriate to help relatives and friends deal with mobile phone problems, because the sunflower on the mobile phone is divided into the master version and the controlled version, and it needs layers of authorization. The elderly who can understand it probably don't need remote operation.

Five, TeamViewer

TeamViewer German remote control, focusing on the remote control industry for nearly 20 years, is the world's most famous remote control application, but it was introduced to the China market by agents only 19 years ago, and its domestic use volume is not large, accounting for a very low market share; There are many supported platforms, up to 7. The use needs to be registered by email, and there are many questions to be answered. Compared with the first three domestic models, the threshold for the use of TV is higher.

After the registration is successful, the subsequent connection operation is easy and the connection logic is consistent with TD. After loading, input the double codes of the device you want to control into the currently used device in turn, which is simple and easy to use.

TeamViewer has many functions, and the items listed in the top navigation bar are very organized, and there are almost no restrictions in the initial use stage. It can be said that there is no threshold, and there is no additional charging function for users who occasionally use remote control. Although some of the words in the function are translated from foreign languages, some of them are not directly understandable, but in fact, they will soon be used.

The experience is convenient. Personally, I think the remote operation of TV is the most stable. My PC-controlled PC is not disconnected for several hours, and there is no annoying advertisement to interfere, which is not bad. All the functions are effective, and the file transfer between the mobile phone and the computer is also very fast, but we must be careful not to use it at high frequency for a short time, otherwise it will be easily judged as commercial and the right to use it will be removed. The price of the paid version is the cheapest in foreign currency conversion, and it costs 100 yuan a month, which is actually unnecessary for ordinary people.

[Applicable scenario]

In fact, the logic of the product is not quite in line with the habits of Chinese people, and the server layout in the Asia-Pacific region is also very limited, so it is not recommended. The more suitable use scenarios can be mainly remote collaborative work, such as foreign companies and remote collaborators who sign overseas companies. It is more convenient to use TV to hold remote meetings and work together with colleagues in foreign companies.

Sixth, RustDesk

In the past two years, the open source remote control newly launched by the Singapore team is relatively small, and there are not many known users.

The way of use is to input the ID and password of the controlled device to connect, and the available functions are relatively basic, far less than those of ToDesk, TV and Sunflower. The stability and speed of remote control are quite satisfactory, and the fluency is good or bad. To get a more comfortable experience, you need to build your own relay server, and the premise is that there are servers in China, and it is not necessary for small white and light users to do so.

Of course, the feature of the product is not the function. RustDesk supports knowledgeable users to build private relay servers, and users can completely control their own data and information, so the safety factor is very high.

[Applicable scenario]

Ease of use and available scenarios are not as good as the previous ones, but it is feasible for individuals, small and medium-sized teams and enterprises who need to control costs or know technology and pay special attention to controllability and security. The cost will be much lower than that of buying a big brand like TV, which is a good remote solution for capable individuals or small teams.

VII. Summary:

The significance of the existence of science and technology is that it can solve problems efficiently and bring convenience through the network from a long distance. Remote control technology can be described as one of the most important inventions in the 21st century. Although many remote control applications have their own advantages, I personally think ToDesk is the best choice for domestic users. If you also need to use it, you might as well try it as soon as possible, prepare it in advance, and be prepared.

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