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Can the Bluetooth key drive the car away (can Geely Bluetooth key drive the car away)?

If you forget or lose your car keys, and you are in a hurry to drive, think of all the scenes that make people collapse. I believe many people have encountered them. However, modern people may forget their car keys, but it is almost impossible to forget to bring their mobile phones. Therefore, it is natural for mobile phones to take the place of car keys, and the era of driving with mobile phones has arrived.

The Bluetooth car key of Lingdu mobile phone can replace the physical key, which is an important scene in the application of wireless transmission technology in the automobile field. Bluetooth key refers to a function that the vehicle can control the vehicle by using the Bluetooth of the mobile phone as the vehicle key when the vehicle is close to the owner.

The emergence of Bluetooth car keys solves the problem of cumbersome and inconvenient carrying of physical keys, which can make people go into battle lightly and use the car easily.

To upgrade the Bluetooth car key of Lingdu mobile phone, the owner only needs to bring the mobile phone close to the vehicle, and within the Bluetooth connection range, the vehicle can be automatically unlocked and locked away from the vehicle. The door can be opened, locked and the engine can be started without any operation on the mobile phone, and it can be triggered automatically regardless of whether the mobile phone is in the hand, pocket or bag.

Lingdu mobile phone Bluetooth car key combines the mobile phone and the physical car key into one, which perfectly solves various pain points such as forgetting, damaging and losing the physical car key. You can easily drive out with your mobile phone, and there will be no rush to find your car keys.

Lingdu has more than ten years of experience in R&D in the industry, and its strong technical strength is the guarantee of quality. If you choose Lingdu mobile phone Bluetooth car key, you don't need to send it back and forth when your relatives and friends need to use the car. You can authorize it remotely, share it with your relatives and friends on the mobile phone WeChat with one click, and you can cancel the authorization anytime and anywhere, which is financial-level security.

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