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Old Teana Test Drive (Old Teana Test Drive)

Text: Understand the original Zhou Tong of Che Di

Since it entered the China market in 2004, Teana has completed three vertical changes in 18 years, and accumulated tens of thousands of user groups and fans. In every period, Teana is one of the most common Japanese brand cars in the streets and lanes, and its excellent comfort has also been praised as "big sofa" by users. Today, the mid-term modified version of the seventh-generation Teana has come in waves, and the official also defines it as "quasi-eight-generation Teana". So what is the strength of the new car? On the eve of listing, we also experienced it first.

Power information: the power system remains unchanged, with excellent performance but average fuel consumption.

Engine compartment close-up

As a mid-term modified version, the power system of the new Scorpio has not changed, and it is still equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that we are familiar with. The maximum power remains unchanged, still 179 kW and the maximum torque is 371 Nm, matching the CVT gearbox.

Image source understands the car model page.

Image source understands the car model page.

Prior to this, Chedi also measured the 2021 Teana equipped with the same engine. The acceleration time of this powertrain from 0 to 100 km/h is 7.03 seconds, which has certain advantages compared with Accord, Magotan and Camry. At the same time, in terms of fuel consumption, the measured fuel consumption of the new car is 8.71 liters /100 kilometers. Although it is outstanding in power, there is still a certain gap in fuel consumption with Accord, Magotan and Camry. Among several hot-selling models, the Accord has excellent fuel consumption performance.

Test drive experience: still smooth, NVH improved.

Although it is not the first time to experience the combination of this 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and CVT gearbox, I can still be surprised by its excellent smoothness and abundant power reserve when I get started again. The bright acceleration performance does not mean that it has paranoid dynamic performance. Once you are familiar with its temperament, you can still feel that it is still a product specially built for home travel scenes.

The power system remains unchanged, giving people a feeling of comfort.

When the ECO mode is turned on, the whole car is very lazy, and the unhurried accelerator pedal can withstand any teasing. The engine will completely release the power until it steps on the middle of the accelerator pedal stroke. It is necessary to be patient and make a good advance in daily overtaking. After the ECO mode is turned off, the basic engine speed will be improved to some extent, and the initial force characteristics of the accelerator pedal will also change, and the response speed will be a little positive, but it does not give people a sense of "split" as a whole.

The response in ECO mode is not positive, and the performance of the engine is slightly lazy.

The ride comfort of the whole power system is the biggest highlight of this car in the dynamic driving part. For people who like to drive fast, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine may be difficult to satisfy his appetite. However, with the close cooperation of CVT gearbox, the power output curve is balanced, and there is no sudden jitter, so that people can quickly get familiar with the "character" of this car, and control the engine speed with the "scale" under their feet, which is one of the great advantages of this car.

The dynamic performance of the whole system is smooth

The power performance in the initial stage doesn't mean that it is a moving roadblock walking on the road. As the saying goes, "Only the coward, no coward", as long as the engine speed is kept above 3000 rpm, the performance in the middle and later stages of the whole set of power is still relatively abundant, and the high-speed overtaking is relatively smooth. Only CVT gearbox is a bit slow in this respect, and there are still some differences compared with automatic manual transmission and dual clutch transmission. Of course, this is also a difference in mechanical structure and orientation. If this engine is replaced with automatic manual transmission, its performance will be obviously different.

The steering feel is not surprised or happy, and it belongs to a relatively plain type.

As always, the steering feel performance, referring to its comfortable home positioning, slightly fuzzy directivity is also excusable. If the middle virtual position can be reduced, the control will be improved to some extent. In addition, the steering strength will also be significantly improved at medium and high speeds, with a relatively calm feel, but the performance of body flexibility is still flat. Although there is no drag on the whole car, there is no bright spot.

The chassis comfort on the asphalt road with good road conditions is excellent, but if the road conditions are slightly worse, it is necessary to rely on the seat to resolve the vibration.

Teana adopts the combination of McPherson independent suspension and multi-link independent suspension. From the actual road performance, the whole chassis does not completely filter bumps, and some fine impacts need soft seats in the car to resolve. If it can be more calm, the performance will be better.

NVH has been improved to some extent, and there are more sound insulation materials in the car than the old ones.

NVH performed well. The new Teana used double-layer laminated glass in the front windshield and window glass, which improved the isolation of external noise compared with the old one, and the road noise and tire noise were also well controlled.

Exterior interior: the shape is young, and the 64-color atmosphere light is the highlight.

The whole vehicle design has an obvious trend of youthfulness.

The exterior interior is a highlight of the mid-term redesign of Teana. The front part of Teana has weakened the V-shaped front grille decoration, and a brand-new multi-banner shape has been added inside. This detail element further extends beyond the front grille, improving the visual width of the front face. At the same time, the new Teana cancels the two lamp groups of the front bumper, and adds a penetrating chrome trim at the lower part of the front enclosure.

Compared with the old model, the size of the net is larger and the visual effect is flatter.

Headlamp group is longer and narrower.

After the light groups on both sides of the front enclosure are cancelled, the brand-new air intake grille is highlighted, which makes it easier for people to focus on the central brand logo. The shape of the headlight groups on both sides has also been slightly adjusted, and the overall design is longer and narrower. Two LED light groups arranged side by side are used in this line, and the daytime running light strip designed by this line is also more slender.

The length, width and height of the new car are 4906/1850/1447mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2825mm.

19-inch rim

The side change is not obvious. The real shot model has been blackened on the D-pillar to create the visual effect of the suspended roof, and the bottom is also equipped with a brand-new 19-inch spoke-style rim. The waistline with low front and high back creates a visual effect of diving forward, which is consistent with the old models.

The layering at the rear of the car is a little richer.

Taillights add more three-dimensional design.

The design of the rear of the car is more stable, the shape of the taillight group has changed greatly, the three-dimensional sense is stronger and the blackened design elements are incorporated, which makes it look younger and more fashionable. In addition, the "ALTIMA" logo of the old model has also been moved below the brand logo, and the rear enclosure has also been decorated with chrome-plated elements. Compared with the old model, the design of the two sides can better reflect the grade sense of the new car.

The interior is still in the traditional symmetrical layout, and the size of the central control screen has been improved.

In terms of interior, the new Teana will fine-tune the shape of the center console, adopt a new horizontal penetration design, and simultaneously adjust the air outlet style of the air conditioner. As one of the main changes, the size of the floating central control panel of the new car has increased, while the design of the central passage remains unchanged. It is worth mentioning that the new Scorpio has also added 64-color ambience lights, and the atmosphere inside the car has been significantly improved compared with the old models.

The instrument panel style is consistent with the current model.

The central control large screen size is 12.3 inches.

The central control big screen function is not rich, but the daily software is basically there. In addition to Gaode navigation, there are iQiyi, Chejia Internet, cool dog music and so on. From the operating feel, the screen response speed is relatively fast, but there is still room for improvement in display clarity.

Vehicle-mounted high-tech navigation

Add 64-color atmosphere lights

The seat padding is thick, and the top model is equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions.

The comfort of the seat is still excellent in the same class, and the support for the legs is also in place. The cushion with thick padding will give people a feeling of jacking up, but it can effectively relieve the fatigue of the back during long-distance driving, except for the support of the side wing. With reference to its comfortable positioning at home, this design is acceptable.

Write at the end:

As the absolute main force of Dongfeng Nissan in the car market, the new Teana continues the advantages of the old models, and makes up for the shortcomings of the old models in terms of grade and atmosphere. Although the power performance is conservative, the comfort is still among the best in the same class, which can be regarded as a mid-term modified version of steady progress. According to the sales list of the car emperor, its sales volume has reached 71,771 units in the past six months, ranking fifth in the medium-sized car market. If you have any thoughts about the new Teana, please feel free to discuss with us in the comments section below.

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