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Huawei Extreme Fox Car Sales (Huawei Extreme Fox Car Sales 2023)

21st century business herald reporter Zuo Maoxuan reports from Zhenjiang.

Recently, the sales data of Arcfox Polar Fox, a high-end brand of BAIC New Energy, showed that in December 2021, the sales volume of Polar Fox vehicles was 1,186 units, up 76% from the previous month and 696% from the same period last year.

Although there is still a gap with the sales volume of the new head-car-making force, the polar fox brand, which broke through 1000 units for the first time, has begun to emerge in the high-end electric market, helping BAIC New Energy to find lost ground.

In order to build the image of a high-end brand, polar fox has two important partners. At the level of intelligence and other software, Extreme Fox and Huawei have cooperated deeply, and the Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei Hi Edition has started small-scale internal delivery in December 2021; In terms of manufacturing, polar fox has cooperated with Magnada, a world-renowned component supplier with 100 years of high-end automobile manufacturing experience, in pursuit of higher quality.

In fact, after more than ten years' development, BAIC has accumulated profound technology in the research and development of new energy vehicles. Compared with the new forces of building cars, the cooperation between polar fox and Huawei fills the shortcomings in intelligence and autonomous driving, and the cooperation with Magna is that polar fox hopes to find advantages in the competition through high-quality production and quality control.

Magna has provided product development and manufacturing services for many international luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Jaguar. Magna has 347 manufacturing/assembly plants and 10 automobile plants around the world. Magna is located in Graz, Austria, and has produced more than 3.7 million cars so far, including the world-renowned Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

BAIC Blue Valley Magna Factory in Zhenjiang tried to transplant Magna's successful experience in producing Mercedes-Benz G-Class to China. This is the first time Magna has opened a vehicle manufacturing factory outside Europe, and it is also the first Magna joint venture high-end intellectual manufacturing base in Asia.

Polar Fox called this factory "Oriental Graz", and Polar Fox Alpha S was produced in this factory. At the end of December, 2021, a reporter from 21st century business herald walked into the polar fox factory for the first time and learned about the whole production process of polar fox Alpha S.

BAIC Blue Valley Magna Factory has a total investment of nearly 6 billion yuan and covers an area of about 1.37 million square meters. The first phase has an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, and the second phase of reserved land can increase the production capacity by 150,000 vehicles, which can produce A-class to B-class new energy vehicles.

The factory has fully introduced Magna MAFACT production and operation management system. MAFACT, which consists of eight sections, covers the whole process of automobile production.

In order to achieve a better lightweight car body, the polar fox car adopts a mixed car body with steel and aluminum, so it is necessary to realize the mixed production of steel and aluminum. According to official data of Polar Fox, the first pass rate of stamping parts in most main engine plants is 85%-90%, while according to MAFACT system standard, the first pass rate of 21 self-made stamping parts in Blue Valley Magna reaches ninety-seven percent, which is equivalent to that of Mercedes-Benz.

In the body workshop, BAIC Blue Valley Magna High-end Intelligent Manufacturing Base has the first 30JPH steel-aluminum mixed production line in China, which consists of 290 German KUKA robots and 206 sets of connecting equipment.

In addition to the conventional means of quality control, visual gluing detection, on-line measurement, laser gap surface difference measurement, process parameter group control system and riveting laboratory means have been added to strengthen quality control.

It is understood that in the riveting process, the domestic first-pass rate is basically around 95%-ninety-seven percent. According to the MAFACT standard, the polar fox factory has reached 99% at present, and is striving for 100%. The automation rate of battery PACK workshop and factory also reached 53%, thus ensuring the precision and consistency of the whole process. In addition, the power battery has to pass more than 200 tests, and its coverage and strength are far higher than the national standard requirements.

On the whole, Magna's empowerment has greatly improved the quality of polar fox products, thus enhancing the competitiveness of products.

At present, polar fox is gradually increasing in quantity, but compared with the new forces of car making, there is still a lot of room for sales growth, and manufacturing will become one of its advantages, but polar fox still needs to make more efforts in channel and brand building.

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