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Price of pure electric BMW ix3 (price of pure electric BMW i3)

BMW iX3, a medium-sized pure electric SUV owned by BMW Brilliance, is still sought after by many BMW fans who are keen on electric vehicles, although its recognition and sales are not as good as the fuel version of BMW X3. In order to let everyone know the advantages and disadvantages of BMW iX3 more intuitively, today Xiaobian objectively analyzes the product strength of BMW iX3. Is it appropriate to buy it?

At present, the 2023 BMW iX3 is divided into two configuration versions: the leading type and the collar type, and the price is between 405,000 and 445,000 yuan. Interpretation of the model: 2023 model, the price is 445,000.

As a pure electric model of BMW X3, BMW iX3 didn't put too much energy into the design, and basically continued the styling style of fuel model, which was nothing more than fine-tuning the details to show the identity of the electric version. For example, the double kidney air intake grille is closed, and one side of the middle net is also marked with I. In addition, the design method of blackening the whole car also gives it a sense of sight of Darth Vader.

In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height are 4746/1891/1683mm, respectively, and the wheelbase of the car body reaches 2864 mm. Although this dimension data is not dominant in BBA's peer camp, the positioning of the standard axis also makes this BMW iX3 have relatively excellent handling. Coupled with the multi-waistline and the blackened 20-inch sports rim, it can be said that it is in line with BMW's consistent style and caters to the aesthetic taste of young people.

Coming to the rear of BMW iX3, it is still the familiar BMW X3. The overall outline is thick and wide, and the gas field creates an identity that conforms to the luxury medium-sized SUV. The combination of blackened taillights with 3D suspension style is also a highly recognizable embodiment, which looks sporty.

In terms of interior, BMW iX3 did not adopt BMW's latest dual-screen design language, giving people a relatively general new idea. However, the interior materials based on soft materials and the 12.3-inch suspended central control display screen also ensure the luxury texture and grade that BMW iX3 should have. Different from the fuel version, the BMW iX3 cancels the chicken leg gear and is replaced by a pocket-sized electronic gear.

In the configuration part, the BMW iX3 is equipped with automatic parking, panoramic image, head-up display, inductive tailgate, keyless entry of the whole car and heating of the front seat. The addition of electric vehicle sound wave simulation also makes this BMW iX3 more fun to drive.

In terms of hardware, BMW iX3 is equipped with a rear single motor, which has a maximum power of 210kW and a maximum torque output of 400 N m.. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 6.8 seconds. Although this acceleration result is not enough to give us a bright feeling at the moment, it is basically the same as the model with the mainstream 2.0T high-power engine. Therefore, there is no problem at all whether it is walking in urban areas or driving at high speed. In the endurance part, BMW iX3 can provide 535km pure electric cruising range with the support of ternary lithium battery pack with capacity of 80kWh.

On the whole, the main reason why BMW launched iX3 is to meet the current market demand. Although the top price is 445,000 yuan, the cost performance is not particularly outstanding, but fortunately, there is a certain terminal discount at present. For consumers who want to buy an electric SUV and care about the grade, they can pay more attention to the BMW iX3.

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