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How much is the BMW 3 Series in 2017 (the price of the BMW 3 Series in 17 years)

Hello! Hello everyone, the old driver of the car inspector met with you again. I'm onion, the used car inspector. Because my name is very similar to onion, they often call me onion by mistake. Over time, onion came here. I used to be an auto mechanic, and after heavy training and examination, I became a professional used car inspector. It is my value to try my best to protect everyone's car purchase risk.

The test case shared today is a bit special. What kind of special method is it? Let's listen to onions. I'll speak slowly. Today, I received a test request from a fan to help him test a 17-model BMW 320 Sport Edition. The list was urgent, and it was sent at nearly four o'clock in the afternoon. As soon as I received the order, the fan called and said that he had waited for me at the test site, so he told me to go there quickly, and I didn't have time to ask questions carefully, so I rushed there non-stop. It was nearly six o'clock when I arrived at the scene, and I also saw the fans who placed the order. I chatted with him briefly to confirm the information, so I began to look at the car.

Not much to say, let's take a look at the basic information of this car first: BMW 3 Series 2017 320-meter sports model, which was manufactured in May 2017 and licensed in June of the same year. At present, the mileage is 69,422 kilometers. At the beginning, the new car guide price was 320,000, and the seller quoted 200,000.

First of all, let's look at the front bumper. As can be seen from the above picture, the car has obvious signs of disassembly and repair, and the radar in front has obvious signs of paint flowing, and the fog lamp on the left front has fallen off directly. From the beginning, there are such obvious defects, which I didn't expect. It can be judged that the front of the car has been "kissed" and there have been signs of repair, but this repair is just like repairing a car by a fighting nation, which is very casual.

As can be seen from the above figure, the paint value of the front cover of the car is low, and the hinge screws have traces of disassembly and painting, and there is obvious displacement, which shows that the front cover of the car has replaced the windshield, and the date does not match. The car was obviously in May of 17, but the windshield was 18 years old, which proves that it has been replaced. According to common sense, such a large-scale repair must have bounced off the airbag, but it is still impossible to draw a conclusion based on these, after all, it caused the glass to be replaced.

After walking around the exterior, I found that there were many defects in the car body. Except for the right side and ABC column, there was no sheet metal putty repair in other places, and the tailgate was also removed and replaced. There is a high probability that the car was attacked from front to back. Let's keep this in mind first, and then we will confirm it step by step.

The next step is the engine room inspection that everyone is very concerned about, which is also my special concern. When I open the engine room, I can see the big heart inside the car. Although there are all kinds of wiring harnesses and pipes in it, it does not affect my inspection. All the main components can be seen. The engine of B48B20C 2.0 has a maximum power of 135kW and a maximum torque of 270n·m, which is quite violent.

As can be seen from the above picture, the fixing screws of the water tank frame, the water tank condenser, the anti-collision beam, and the radiator fan all show signs of disassembly and replacement, and there is also slight deformation and putty repair in the left front fender frame, from which it can be judged that there was an accident in front, which was quite serious, resulting in a set of front faces being replaced.

There is nothing wrong with the left and right longitudinal beams, and there is no trace of painting or repairing the shock absorber. The screws fixing the shock absorber on the left and right sides have traces of disassembly. If it is understandable to disassemble one side, but both sides have been disassembled, then it is necessary to pay attention to whether the car has adjusted its watch at this time, because under normal circumstances, the shock absorber screws will not be moved, and I can't help but wonder, has this car adjusted its watch? Of course, quality problems and accidents, as well as disassembly and replacement caused by modification, are not ruled out, and this has to be comprehensively judged.

The intake and exhaust manifold, valve cover and timing chain cover of the engine look like a thick layer of dust, but it does not affect the inspection. The screws are clearly visible, and there are no traces of disassembly and leakage. If these places are disassembled or replaced, the surrounding screws will leave traces of twisting, and the screws of this car have no traces, so the suspicion of engine gearbox maintenance can also be ruled out.

After looking at the engine room, we went on to look at the oil and water in the car. From the photos, we can see that there is nothing wrong with the antifreeze. However, the brake oil shows that the water content is high, and the brake oil needs to be replaced. The battery detector also shows that the battery needs to be replaced.

The appearance inspection has come to an end. Then, let's take a look at the interior, which is also to verify my previous guess. In the end, whether the car has bounced off the airbag or hit the back, we will implement it in detail by inspecting the interior of the car.

The screws of the seat frame, steering column and instrument panel frame are not disassembled, and the frame is slightly rusted, but this is normal, because it is not sprayed with antirust paint, so it will definitely rust after a long time. Seeing this, we can also rule out the suspicion of blisters. If there are blisters, even if they are cleaned, they will leave traces, and there will be more or less sediment in the wiring harness, and there will also be traces of disassembly.

As you can see from the above picture, there are obvious signs of disassembly on the instrument panel and the main and auxiliary airbags, because it was already dark when I saw it here, so I had to look at it by flashlight. Although the photos were not very clear, the airbag did bounce off.

Next, look at the trunk floor, the rear fender and the inner inch of the rear fender. As can be seen from the photos, the trunk floor is severely deformed and there are traces of repair by hammering. There are also welding spots and deformation on the left and right sides of the rear fender, and there are obvious traces of deformation and cracking on the inner inch of the left rear fender. This kind of accident car has been considered.

At this time, our little sister also sent the accident records and maintenance records of this car the day after tomorrow, as well as the mileage read, which is better. Looking at the above records, it really almost surprised my chin. The mileage read by the computer showed that it was adjusted. In June of 20 years, it was more than 90,000 kilometers, but now it shows more than 60,000 kilometers. The accident records also show that the accident cost is as high as 150,000 to 170,000.

At this time, I told the fans about the car I saw, but after listening to it, the fans gave me a sentence. You told my friend what you saw. He knows more about cars, but I don't understand these, because the chassis will be put on the shelves soon, so I have to tell them what I saw before they make a decision, so I found a friend of the fans to tell his friend about the car.

When his friend said this, he immediately went to argue with the merchant, saying that he had been cheated. He didn't explicitly tell him that this car was an ordinary accident car with a meter-adjusting car, otherwise they wouldn't have paid a deposit of 30,000 yuan, but the merchant also said that he had told him that it was an ordinary accident car, and they had also produced a tripartite test report, which also indicated that it was an ordinary accident car, and said that they didn't look at it carefully and ignored the important ones directly. He also said that the car condition is transparent now, unlike before, so there is no need to lie to them. Later, several people will meet in the store to continue to talk about things. After several hours of arguing, I can only wait. After a long time, my fans came out and said that I should go to see the chassis now, and I must take a closer look at whether there is any problem with the chassis. On the way, his friend also kept calling his lawyer to ask some questions. I guess so.

I also took a general look at the car on the way up, but I didn't find any bottoming phenomenon. Whether buying a used car or a new car, it is a very important step to look at the chassis. If conditions permit, I must look at it, because after reading the chassis, I can avoid many risks and avoid my own losses. Many problematic places are often under the chassis. If you don't get on the lift, you will never know what is going on below. Don't believe what others say, no matter how good the car is, you must believe what you see.

All four tires have been replaced, and the brake cylinder has also been disassembled. Judging from the situation of the whole vehicle, the possibility of disassembling the cylinder due to changing the brake disc is very high, and the four shock absorbers have also been disassembled and replaced.

The steering machine, the front and rear wing beams and the steering ball head of the steering machine have signs of disassembly and replacement, and the labels of production date are still attached to them.

There is slight oil leakage in the oil pan of the engine and gearbox, but this does not affect the normal use. After all, it is normal to leak after a long time or more kilometers, as long as it is not dripping oil. There is no trace of disassembly of the screws at the joint between gearbox and engine, which can rule out the suspicion of engine gearbox maintenance.

Seeing that the chassis is finished here, I just want to say. Except for the engine and gearbox, the chassis has basically been replaced. To be honest, after seeing so many cars, it is the first time that I have met such a car with a short life and poor condition. The normal car is about 200,000 yuan in the second-hand car market, but today, the condition of this car is obviously not worth so much money. Fans came from other places to buy a car. As a result, it was also very sad to encounter this situation. Until I left, fans and car dealers still did not negotiate. I guess the hope is slim. The car dealer did inform the fans of the car's condition and issued a report, but the fans blindly paid the deposit without looking carefully. This loss is too big. Remind you again that no matter how much you want to buy a car, even if the other party has said everything before seeing the car's condition, you must not pay first!

Ok, that's all for today's test sharing. I'm onion, a second-hand car inspector. We are testing second-hand cars, and some wearing parts are inevitable in daily use. We can't treat them like a new car, but pay more attention to the condition of the car itself and the cost performance of the car. If you have friends who like me, please praise me and pay attention to it. See you next time.

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