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14 years BMW mini countryman (14 years BMW mini sibling oil lamp)

I wonder if it will be produced by Great Wall Motor?

On April 19, foreign media exposed the real car map of a new generation of mini-country people, without any disguise, and maybe a new car will be launched soon.

This is the third generation model of the car, and it can also be called the largest cell and the largest mini-car model in the whole brand history.

First of all, the appearance, the new car abandoned the classic oval light group, and changed to vertical taillights. Personally, the overall design is more inclined to scientific and technological style.

As for the specific size, the official report is that the car is 4430mm long and 1612mm wide, which is basically larger than the cash.

As for the product attributes, the rural people developed based on the brand-new FAAR platform, which can also be regarded as based on the new BMW iX1 and X1 platforms.

In addition to 1.5T three-cylinder and 2.0T engines, the new car will also have two versions of single and double motors, including a 64.7 kWh battery pack and a WLTP battery life of 280 kilometers.

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