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What about the 14-year-old BMW 3 Series (is it worth buying)

Today's post may cure your mileage phobia, but it may also aggravate the symptoms and make you more disgusted with used cars over 100,000 kilometers.

The key is to look at your own mentality and needs!

If you want to challenge yourself and try to find Taobao Bay at the bottom of the market, this car is really worth studying.

But if you don't mind spending more money and just want to buy a comfortable and worry-free, then this car does not meet the requirements.

Although this car looks pretty good, in fact, it has been licensed for 8 years and has run 137,000 kilometers.

Although the first impression is not as bad as expected, it is indeed more flawed than those short-distance cars.

There are bumps in many parts of its body.

For example, there are three stone bullet marks on this door, but we are too lazy to deal with them.

Some colleagues reported that the windshield was damaged before, but now it has been repaired. You can't find it without looking carefully.

There are two adhesive tapes attached to the taillights. The purpose of this is to fix the position of the taillights.

The taillight was disassembled because the taillight was a little loose when I first arrived at the store, so the technician reinstalled it.

In fact, this car has been painted on two sides, and one of them was made after we bought it. Although this kind of paint is mottled, it also fundamentally eliminates the possibility of accident cars. For senior players of used cars, this kind of car is always exciting.

Open the door, the interior is the black interior that most BMW powder is keen on.

When communicating with customers, we found that most customers who have requirements for interior color are planning to buy a BMW, at least there is a BMW on the waiting list! The owners of other brands are not very sensitive to the interior color, and they feel that all colors are good.

This is actually very understandable. BMW pursues sports. In contrast, Heinei lacks a sense of luxury, but it is also more capable and powerful.

Most of the buttons in the car are not bad in color, but some of the leather and decorative plates that are often touched are worn.

The car even has a reverse image function.

I took a look at the fuel consumption of the former owner, and it performed well!

There are some scratches on the decorative board, which is not a big problem. You can't see it from another angle.

Besides, it's seven or eight years old. Which car can wear without scratches? !

But this scratch on the armrest box is a bit of a headache, and it must be refurbished before it can be delivered!

This one of ours is a sports design suit. At that time, the price of the new car was close to 40, and the M seats with electric clamping were also the first-class in the same level.

It's just that for my physique, the most relaxed state of the seat can actually provide enough lateral support. A little clamping is to remind myself that it's time to lose weight.

I am satisfied with the color of the seat, the leather wear is acceptable, the use trace of the co-pilot is particularly slight, and the padding on both sides of the seat has not collapsed.

This one of ours is the standard axis version, which emphasizes the original control-of course, this is all self-comfort, because there is a little more leg space in the back row, and this car experience is really not as good as the long axis 3 series.

Maybe when you see this, your heart is full of doubts: what's the use of buying it with this color? !

Then let's talk about the benefits of this car:

How's it going? It is rare to see such a battle in Samsung's maintenance list, which is paid by General Manager Nuo. This level of chassis maintenance is very grand for any car owner, and the cost is almost five figures!

As the old saying goes, "it's not wrong to spend money." When the money is in place, the chassis texture naturally has nothing to say.

The dynamic response is still like the heel of a new car. When starting at a low speed, it has the unique feeling of BMW's eagerness, as if it were spiritual.

The chassis feedback when rolling over bumps is fascinating, and there is no trace of unnecessary shaking.

Hands rub the steering wheel, and the front of the car will follow the past almost without delay ...

That's what buying a BMW is all about! Our 130,000-kilometer car can still give you this feeling.

This is the advantage of German cars, especially BMW cars-when other cars are old, it only needs a new set of chassis parts to blossom and regenerate the old tree.

Now, its price is the bottom of the market price. There are a lot of car sources in the same year on the Internet, and the prices are arranged from low to high, so it is easy to find the information of this car in the front row.

As long as it costs more than 110,000 yuan and is equipped with a brand-new chassis, BMW's cool feeling is not discounted.

Moreover, its paint surface, service life of consumables and the color of most interior parts are satisfactory. Although there are some flaws, it is a small price to bargain-hunting. In the second week when you take the car home, you may forget all about it.

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