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Nezha V pink electric car (Nezha V pink electric car picture)

I don't know if you have noticed that there are few sports utility vehicles with a price of less than 100,000, and there are only a handful of pure electric sports utility vehicles with a price of less than 100,000. The pure electric vehicles at this price may only think of Wuling mini EV, but Wuling mini EV is positioned as A0-class car after all, which can't meet the users who need space. Today, this car is the only small pure electric sports utility vehicle with a full price of less than 100,000, which can not only meet the needs of urban transportation and transportation.

Today, we actually shot two 2022 Nezha V-wave 400Lite pink customized models and Chao 400Pro models, with the prices of 87,900 yuan and 96,900 yuan respectively. Why did we choose these two models? Few car companies will produce customized versions at the price of less than 100,000 yuan, and the customized versions of fans are representative enough. The 400Pro version is the top version of Nezha V. At this price, we can see whether Nezha V is more sincere.

The exterior design of the 2022 Nezha V hasn't changed much. In terms of color matching, pink customized models and laurel green paint colors are added, and some details are upgraded, such as decorative bright stripes, which can clearly outline the outline of the whole body and make people feel more refined. The overall shape is not as radical as many other models, on the contrary, it is more approachable. The dolphin streamline and low wind resistance design, the closed front grille typical pure electric vehicle design style, and the eagle-eye laser LED headlights are unique, gentle and sharp.

The shape of the car side is dynamic and fashionable, and different lines are used to outline it. With the design of the down-pressed suspended roof, the car side looks more sporty. In addition, it is equipped with more than 16-inch wheels, which is somewhat competitive. The fly in the ointment is that tyre size is 185/55 R16. Nowadays, it is difficult to see a car with 185 tires. It would be better if it were wider.

There are many models with fast and slow charging sockets under the same cover, which can save the design cost and material cost, while Nezha V is not stingy. The two charging sockets, DC fast charging and AC slow charging, are located on both sides of the front fender respectively, which can better reflect the Chinese people's pursuit of symmetrical design. However, this also has disadvantages. When charging fast, it is inevitable that the parking position and the charger position do not match, which may lead to insufficient charging line length.

The rear of the car is designed to be narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, which is full of strength. Due to the body shape with a small slip back, the rear window area is small, but it does not affect the view of the rearview mirror inside the car. The taillight shape is also unique, and the boomerang-style shape echoes the chrome-plated decorative strip at the lower part, which is very design-oriented.

In terms of interior, Nezha V adopts minimalist style design, eliminating most physical buttons, integrating air-conditioning control into 14.6-inch central control, and adopting penetrating design for air-conditioning outlet, which makes the car more simple. The pink customized version is decorated with pink decorative boards in many places, such as the air conditioning decorative board, seat, steering wheel, door panel and central armrest of the center console in the car, which is very personalized.

Nezha V does not use the traditional instrument design, but uses a 12-inch long rectangular LCD screen, which gives people a HUD visual sense and can display information such as vehicle status, speed, battery life and power.

The 14.6-inch central control screen is very distinctive, with built-in 8-core processor, 1920X1080 resolution, excellent response speed and display effect. The function is even more exaggerated. Map navigation, Tencent video, Nezha applet and OTA upgrade are all equipped.

It is worth mentioning that the AI ? ? intelligent voice assistant function only needs one wake-up, which can realize continuous dialogue, control windows, air conditioning, navigation, news, etc., and can also customize wake-up words and set its own exclusive name to wake up. In addition, you can also "sound reproduction", which can synthesize exclusive sound effects according to the voices of family or friends, which is very powerful.

On which V 400Pro model, it is equipped with an intelligent driver assistance system consisting of a front HD+a millimeter wave radar +12 ultrasonic radars, and at the same time provides ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping, lane departure warning, AEB emergency braking, front collision warning and blind zone warning, etc. This price can give these safety configurations impeccably, but this time it can only be experienced statically, and the actual performance will not be clear until the test drive.

Nezha V provides rich storage space. In addition to the conventional storage space, a storage slot is designed under the central control screen, and a dedicated location for mobile phones is designed behind the double cup holder of the central armrest, which can be said to be quite intimate.

It is worth mentioning that although Nezha V is positioned as a 5-seat small SUV, the storage space in the trunk is actually 335L, and the expansion space of the rear seat can reach 552L, which is really unexpected. Only the rear seats only support the whole reclining. In this case, only one person can get off except the driver.

In terms of power, the 2022 Tide 400Lite pink customized version uses a driving motor with a maximum power of 55kW and a peak torque of 175N·m, and the acceleration of 0-50km/h is 4.9s s. This version may be more to consider female users, so the acceleration performance will be weaker. The 400Pro version uses a driving motor with a maximum power of 70kW and a peak torque of 150N·m, with an acceleration of 3.9s at 0-50 km/h.. Whether it is the 400Lite pink customized version or the 400Pro version, the performance of power data is really average, and it can only be used as a means of transportation in cities.

In terms of batteries, both the 2022 Tide 400Lite pink customized version and the 400Pro version are equipped with 38.54kWh batteries, and the 0-80% fast charge takes only 0-5 hours, and the slow charge takes 8 hours. The total battery life of NEDC is 401km. In addition, V2L external discharge function is supported, and the maximum discharge power is 3.3kW.

There is no smart car in the 100,000 class? Nezha has proved that 100,000 yuan can also have a smart car, which can meet your needs in terms of positioning, design, space and intelligence. Nezha V is fully qualified for the city's mobility and pursuit of the trend! So in the end, within 100,000 yuan, will you choose Nezha V? Which version of Nezha V would you choose?

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