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Lc80 Hub Hole Spacing (lc80 Hub Data)

Toyota's land cruiser has a history of more than 60 years. As early as 1951, commissioned by the Japanese police reserve army at that time, several companies headed by Toyota began to develop four-wheel drive vehicles. Toyota Jeep BJ, the originator of land cruisers, stepped onto the historical stage. No one expected it to become a superstar in cross-country!

Of course, the previous models may not have been seen in China. What makes everyone feel most cordial is the following LC80. As an old car 20 years ago, it is still active in places with poor road conditions such as Tibet and Xinjiang.

It is precisely because of the reliable quality and excellent off-road capability that the LC80 is favored by players all over the world. LC80 should be one of the models with the highest modification rate, ranging from changing the air intake and wheels to lifting the chassis. Everything seen on the road is basically modified.

The explosion-modified model in the land cruiser depends on how the owner modifies the LC80 which is close to scrapping.

Because it is an old car, it is necessary to dismantle the whole car and renovate it first, and then sort out all the lines to ensure that the car can work normally.

Since it is a hard-core off-road, it adopts a non-load-bearing body, and the chassis and shell can be modified separately. After heightening the car body, the original wheel hub is particularly mini.

Large tires used in heavy machinery such as tractors are selected. Because the hole spacing does not match, it should be matched with the half shaft again.

After replacing the supporting reinforcement, the owner actually chose the axle of Unimok to gain more powerful and reliable off-road ability. As for Unimok, I believe no one will doubt its strength.

After the modification, the height of the car body is almost like sitting on someone else's roof. Short people have to step on the ladder when they get on the bus.

In order to show the powerful cross-country crossing ability, after the modification, I went straight down the river. You don't have to worry about the engine getting water at all, and the chassis can wipe the water.

Finally, the owner came to the jungle road covered with snow, and watched it coming far away, not like an off-road vehicle, but like a land tank.

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